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  1. JustIntonation

    Audibility of group delay

    In another forum this article regarding the audibility of group delay was shared by a member and I thought I'd re-post it here as it may interest some:
  2. JustIntonation

    Reasonably priced good quality 6 or 8 channel USB DAC?

    I'm going to build a 3-way active speaker with the crossover DSP done on the computer. ( ) Amps will be Anaview AMS. (1x AMS1000 for bass woofers, 2x AMS100 in BTL for mid woofers and 1x AMS100...
  3. JustIntonation

    Differences between tweeter designs?

    I've decided to build my own speakers and am orienting myself as to the best design for my specific needs. Am hoping some here are already well read into the science behind different tweeter designs and can point me in the right direction :) I'll be treating a part of my room with enough...
  4. JustIntonation

    Anedio D2 measurements and specs correct?

    I've just bought a second hand Anedio D2 through Ebay. The D2 came out in late 2012 and has an ES9018 DAC chip (full version not mobile). The Anedio company was based in the United States and ceased to exist about a year ago. They used to publish a lot of measurements and seemed like a company...
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