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    Archel 2 Pro and headphone ohm.

    I got the itch to buy an uncolored or close to amp, and also want to support a US company. I have a couple Schiit amps, a Magni 3, and an Asgard v1. The Magni I am giving to my brother-in-law, so I want to replace it. For the replacement I am looking at the Schiit Heresy or the Archel 2 Pro. I...
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    Resampling in DAC

    Do most DAC's re-sample internally to their native resolution? I was reading about the pros and cons of re-sampling in software and sending to the DAC at the native resolution, but opinions were all over the place. Just curious if all DACs do it, or not. Thanks.
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    Up/Down Sampling before sending to DAC.

    I am using JRiver as my media player and am experiencing pops/clicks when changing songs with different sample rates. I was told to set a single rate in JRiver and send everything to the DAC. The DAC does 24/192, so should I set all files to upsample to 24/192 and is there any issues with doing...
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