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    Did you get vaccinated for Covid-19?

    Where did I say I didn't quarantine myself until symptoms went away after confirming I had it? The projection of the self professed morally superior never ceases to amaze me.
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    Did you get vaccinated for Covid-19?

    I tested positive 2 weeks ago. I had diarrhea for 3 days, and was maybe a bit more sore after my workouts. The food poisoning I got on my last visit to China was significantly worst. My sister gave it to me, she had diarrhea, fatigue, and muscle soreness for a week prior. My 62 year old mother...
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    Why has Audio (and maybe all hobbies) become so hostile?

    I think the biggest reason is the business model of social media companies. Data mining and targeted ads require maximizing engagement. It's unfortunate that tapping negative emotions is what maximizes engagement, and thus profits. The algorithms are continuously getting better at this.
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    Anthem AVM60 Review (AV Processor)

    No, goes away soon as the avm20 is turned off. My amp is an anthem pva7. There's no hiss if I use a different preamp. I've tried the avm20 on a Yamaha mx800, the hiss is present with that combo as well.
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    Anthem AVM60 Review (AV Processor)

    I have an AVM20, and it has very noticeable tweeter hiss. I've found other owners who reported the same.
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    Cheapest possible (<30$?) silent USB DAC+HPA for low impedance cans

    I have the Xtrempro version of this. Bought new from newegg. Mine hisses like crazy though.
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    ROLLS Promatch Review (XLR RCA Converter)

    This unit's made in the US too. Can someone please volunteer to fix Rolls' products for the sake of the nation? Can we start a gofundme?
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    Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M - review/comparison?

    What do you base that on? The few of their products Amir has reviewed have shown to meet or exceed their listed specs.
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    LG says it might quit the smartphone market

    ESS 9218, one of the best as far as smartphones are involved.
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    Opinions on my speaker and sub selection?

    When I lived in a bachelor apt. I lived in a newly built building, concrete and steel beam construction, corner apt so I only had 1 adjacent neighbor. I got a ton of noise complaints from a tiny Klipsch PC system sub. The walls were just too thin. IMO, just go with the best pair of studio...
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    Reviewing an old Realistic 42-2109?

    Well, it happened.
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    LG says it might quit the smartphone market

    I love LG phones, I've bought every flagship since the v10. But I've had major issues needing warranty replacement on all of them, sometimes multiple times, except for the current one. Sad, seems like they finally got their build quality issues sorted.
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    Why do Michael Jackson albums sound better than anything released in recent years?

    I can't remember the source. But I heard MJ was extremely anal about recording and rerecording. Some albums supposedly took a week per track before recording was finalized.
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    Amplification for 2 LS50 Meta's and a SVS SB-2000 Pro? (1 meter apart PC-only Desktop set-up)

    I don't know, but when a manufacturer self powers a speaker, they can use dsp to overcome a lot of passive crossover limitations. The hypex...
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    Amplification for 2 LS50 Meta's and a SVS SB-2000 Pro? (1 meter apart PC-only Desktop set-up)

    In terms of clean watts per dollar. The hypex based amps one of the members here (Buckeye) builds probably can't be beat. I'm guessing you want an AIO box solution. Whilte Buckeye's amps are pure power amps, and would require at the very least a separate DAC, and some sort of crossover (minidsp)...
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    Affordable Accuracy Monitor Review Then center is still available for cheap. @Dennis Murphy any chance of brining...
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 amplifier with MW RS-100-24 SMPS power supply (measurements)

    With the right battery, you might not be current limited though.
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 amplifier with MW RS-100-24 SMPS power supply (measurements)

    I'd be interested in seeing the measurements of this amp running off a battery or two 12v batteries in series.
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    Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker Review

    The only exaggeration is how often it'll get to around 120F, probably only 2-6 weeks in any given year. But people die of heat exposure in Vegas every year. Mostly hikers, and music festival goers, but runners aren't unheard of. I've personally gotten heat sickness once, doing manual labor...
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    Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker Review

    I've never heard of a gyrotonic before. Quick search looks like it's a cable resistance based machine for yoga. My issue with running outdoors is the 120F+ summers.
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