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  1. martijn86

    Q: Do I need a pre-amp between a streamer-DAC and my power amplifier?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my question. My current setup is a Marantz AVR (I know right), into a Hypex nCore Dual Mono power amplifier to two B&W towers. The reason for the AVR is that it is a one-box solutions and a central hub for all of my entertainment. It has however become very...
  2. martijn86

    SINAD table colour brackets

    As a slight introduction: I'm a new member. I've been following along every review since the Google Pixel adapters which, looking back, was a only on a ti-ny SINAD list! Thanks @amir for all your hard work. Before ASR, I had little to no proper foundation on what DAC to buy other then pricing...
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