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    Edifier S2000 Pro Review (Powered Monitor)

    Agreed, everything else than "Monitor" DSP setting, sound is too boomy and treble is too elevated.
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    Edifier S2000 Pro Review (Powered Monitor)

    Owner should have instructed Amir before reviewing, but reviewer should always educate himself on the speaker before reviewing since claiming speaker does not have DSP implementation is wrong. Btw, here are the measurements Audioholics did, with use of the onboard DSP...
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    ELAC Unifi Reference teasers

    Wow, so many useless posts in a row. Good job ruining this topic.
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    Edifier S2000 Pro Review (Powered Monitor)

    The DSP EQ preset is only visible through x number of blinking by the display which shows which input is selected, when you select the EQ preset on the remote. No way of knowing which preset is selceted by looking on the display of the speaker during operation.
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    Edifier S2000 Pro Review (Powered Monitor)

    Ok, so no way of knowing which DSP EQ preset was used. This speaker actually have a DSP implementation. "Equalization helped fair bit indicating that if they had done this in the on board DSP, they would have had a winner on their hands." @amirm They do use the onboard DSP.
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    Edifier S2000 Pro Review (Powered Monitor)

    Did you have the remote control? This speaker has four EQ modes, DSP, only selectable on the remote, which one did you use for measurements? The speaker might use the last EQ preset selected, if no reselection is done via the remote.
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    BRZHifi 600W TPA3255 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier Full Range HiFi Power Amplifier Amp Assembled any good?

    I'm looking into building an subwoofer plate amp. Would this be suitable: How do I connect it with a...
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    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    Scandinavian folk songs performed by Myrkur from Denmark (singer Amalie Bruun), from album Folkesange: Location: Norway
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    ELAC Unifi Reference teasers

    Preview by Joe N Tell who also does measurements on his reviews, hope he measures them soon: UBR62 vs DBR62:
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    Monolith M1060C headphone settings?

    Here are some EQsettings, but source is unknown. Given by jaakkopasanen at AutoEQ.
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    What's the deal with mid-tier closed headphones?

    Bose Quietcomfort 35 II
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    foobar2000 v1.6.6 final has been released

    Trying out this Convolver stuff. What is the difference between the 44,1 and 48 kHz minimum phase wav autoeq file?
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    NC502MP Amp - Need Help

    From SU-9 manual: SU-9's MQA playback does not require additional software. You can use foobar2000 or Audirvana for MQA playback as it supports ASIO or WASAPI audio output. When playing MQA audio, it is suggested to adjust the volume of the computer to the maximum for the best audio output Why...
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    NC502MP Amp - Need Help

    DAC digital volume control problems? Try using a preamp? Use the pre-out on the Outlaw connected to the Hypex with DAC at 0 dB connected to the Outlaw.
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    Which lossless streaming service is the cheapest and has the best UI?

    Amazon Music Windows app has problems with exclusive mode to USB DAC. I still get the sampling rate set in Windows for shared mode, sampling rate in display doesn't change for HD or Ultra HD music, should switch in display on DAC if it's true exclusive mode. Also, setting exclusive mode for one...
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    Schiit speaks

    You should by an amp on the basis of looks or brand sentiment?
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    Anyone find it far more rewarding listening to real physical CDs on a CD player, rather than using FLACs? And why do you find this?

    CDs will never go away completely and I think they will come back in popularity. With streaming you lease something, but with CDs you own it forever. It's yours and no one can decide or change how you listen to it. And the sound quality is more than good enough and no one can in a blind test...
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    Genelec 8351B Teardown (2nd Disassembled)

    Why does it have to be strong, if this is what you mean by "not" fragile (its durability is certainly proven)? Don't confuse stiffness with strength. Two different abilities.
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    Genelec 8351B Teardown (2nd Disassembled)

    Paper cones? Ask JBL, they should know a thing or two about paper cones woofers. They have just been making those since 1946 and still uses them today in high end home and PA speakers. I can't imagine they would use paper cones in professional PA cinema audio for example if durability was poor...
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