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  1. mshenay

    A question! What does "Hi-Fi" mean to you and what importance does High Fidelity Music Playback have in your Life?

    I figured this would be a great place to share my own history as an audiophile and music lover, but I'd also love to hear all of your thoughts on the matter to! An I do understand not every one here will agree or appreciate my take on "Zen-Dac" but I hope you'll still give the video a watch and...
  2. mshenay

    Lights, Camera LIGHTS!

    So I think I'm ready to invest in a more professional set of lights than what I have... I was kinda sold on the jinbei ef ii 60 but it seems it's HEAVILY back ordered... so I've since moved onto something like the Godox 150W but I hear they are loud and I'm not 100% sold... I don't intend to...
  3. mshenay

    Thoughts on Portrait Lens for Canon 200D

    I started with a EFS 50mm 1.8 but I've got to say these days it's mostly disappointing to me... almost frustrating after spending a few weeks shooting on my 55 f4 Zoom lens I've seen the reviews for the Sigma Art lens but... I'm still leaning towards the Canon US f1.4 50mm Thoughts and...
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