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    JBL then and now

    Then, it was about engineering Today, it's about the experience (JBL Consumer) JBL Professional marketing still focuses on engineering Part 1 History: Part 2 Testing: Part 3 Design: This isn't a criticism of JBL or Harman -- it's a reflection...
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    New Japanese details on the latest Marantz and Denon gear

    You will need to translate, although Google translate is good. The new Marantz flagships and Model 30 have "Marantz Musical Mastering." This is a discrete DAC based off a DSP which does the digital filter, noise shaper, and...
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    New 110th Anniversary Denon products with "ULTRA AL32"

    With all of the talk in the Marantz 30 product about Denon Alpha processing, Denon just announced their new 110th Anniversary products which really do seem like new versions. The integrated AMP is very different from the PMA-2500NE "The PMA-2500NE used a one-stage amplification with a...
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    New DAC chip from ROHM

    Announced 2019, claimed 131.6 SNR Rohm is a big company with >21,000 employees First released product to use this DAC is this SACD player from Luxman...
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    ESS AMT “Great Heil” tweeter?

    Does anyone know if spin data is available for the ESS Heil AMT? Most of them are used as an isolated driver above a woofer enclosure, so it may be interesting to just take a first order crossover and have it run through a Klippel. US made but measurements here...
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    Denon 3700H, 4700H, 6700H

    These were accidentally leaked on the German Denon site, and were now taken down
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    Objective Measured Audible Differences between two DAC/amp dongles

    1) Well-designed DACs and AMPs when run linearly without clipping/distortion will sound the same. True. 2) Idiosyncracies representing unique circumstances can result in different sound. True. 3) Reproducibility can be hard. True. Long post. My Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS didn't sound as...
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    Aavik Acoustics U-380 integrated amplifier

    Looks great. 36.3 lb "The U-380, which has a 6-layer PCB, employs the Pascal M-PRO2 module, which Børresen prefers because it doesn't triangulate. "When most class-D modules modulate the signal, they use an oscillator with a triangular waveform. This is why they are noisy and in need of...
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    McIntosh MC2102 with GE tubes - $6000

    McIntosh MC2102 with all vintage US made GE tubes (6550a, as well as the 12ax7/at7 equivalents). SF Bay Area. Original box. One of the incandescent meter lights is dimmer than the other. All tubes are GE, JAN spec (Joint Army Navy) where available, with about 100 hours on it. Cosmetically...
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    “Mystery” speaker opinion sought.

    You are blinded to brand and speaker appearance. 2 way active DSP speaker with these measurements on and off axis. Opinions? I think it would be interesting for @amirm to run the speaker under a full test and not disclose what speaker he is testing initially to see what the blinded forum...
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    New Speaker Comparison Tool Crutchfield record speaker in anechoic chamber Crutchfield records several headphones They take the information together and let you hear some of the "tonal" differences between the speakers. Edit: My enthusiasm has...
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    Leema Acoustics and speaker placement

    Leema Acoustics posted a nice and simple guide to speaker positioning. It’s not particularly fancy but the clever trick that they share is that if you tape a grid to your floor, it makes it a lot easier to make comparisons and reliably move your speakers to various positions. Common...
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    “Good enough” sound and challenging tracks.

    I recently read The Absolute Sound’s review of the Benchmark AHB2 which had a great snippet: “But let me cite the toughest resolution test I know: for the a cappella introduction of “Moon River” on her Johnny Mercer album, the...
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