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  1. Dvass13

    FS: Matrix Audio Element X

    Up for sale is a Matrix Audio Element X in very good condition. I purchased this unit from an authorized dealer in September 2019 and received it in October. I used it to drive my Focal Utopia headphones and as a preamp for my 2 channel power amp. This is a great all-in-one unit that really is a...
  2. Dvass13

    FS: Matrix Audio Mini-i Amps (pair)

    I purchased these amps from Power Holdings in September of 2019 and used them with a matching Mini-i Pro 2s and a few different pairs of bookshelf speakers. They powered all well, but best suit low-efficiency speakers due to their high gain. I am selling as I recently replaced my AHB-2 in my...
  3. Dvass13

    FS: Benchmark AHB2

    I purchased this amp new at the end of September last year and really love its small form factor. I have used it in my main setup and like it so much that I am looking to run two in mono. The only reason I'm selling is because I prefer the aesthetics of the black face plate. This amp sells for...
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