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    Anyone find it far more rewarding listening to real physical CDs on a CD player, rather than using FLACs? And why do you find this?

    Ripped my cd collection 15 years ago when I bought my first squeezebox. space is a premium in Paris appartement, plus those rows of plastic cases never looked good. They have all been boxed in my basement ever since. If I want to manipulate something, I use vinyl.
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    Pics of mega-expensive equipment in horrible rooms

    probably not very good for audio, but the choice of materials, colours and overall look, is aesthetically nicely matched. I wouldn't dare soldering on a nelson bench, but that's because I'm cheap...
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    Replacing posts with speakon and bi wiring.

    Hello If I were to replace my four posts set on my current speaker with a speakon connector, should I wire the hf red to 2+ Hf black to 2- and Lf red to 1+ and lf black to 1-? On the amp side, do I need to wire 1+ and 2+ together, 1- and 2- together? No real use case here, just feel like...
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    speaker recommandations for a living room

    Thank you sdx-lv for your insight. I considered R3 as my first choice, and after discussion with my partner, decided for floor standing for practical and aestethical reasons. The room is quite bare, I don’t have anything to put bookshelf on like a tv bench (I don't own a TV), and to me, speaker...
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    speaker recommandations for a living room

    Thanks. Umik is on the way! I have also decided to upgrade the budget to 3k, since yearly bonus has crept up. Considering R7 at the moment, though I am a bit puzzled as they are exactly the same price everywhere in France...
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    speaker recommandations for a living room

    The wall on the left is covered by a custom bookshelf top to bottom, left to right, so I guess it's a bit of absorption? There are books inside ;) I note the equilateral triangle suggestion, I can probably adjust a bit.
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    speaker recommandations for a living room

    yes, that's correct. I can't bring the sofa closer and there is a door that prevents me from bringing the speaker closer, unless I have a big speaker wire accross the door! -------------------- | - ...............X......... | | | ..............................| | - ...............X.......... |...
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    speaker recommandations for a living room

    hello, I have a living room, 5mx8mx2.5m, where I have limited options to position speakers in. They need to be near the width wall, and the sofa is near the opposite width wall. -------------------- | - ......................... x | | | ..............................| | -...
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    few questions for a new setup: preamp + diy amp

    This is my first post! Hi everyone :) My sources turntable and a boss alo dac on a Pi running picore player. I have other pi in the house all synchronized via Logitech media server. My main room is equiped with old Triangle speakers and HK integrated amp from the 2000's where the two sources are...
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