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    How loud is your air conditioning?

    The wather forecast is for warm weather this weekend so I put in AC this morning. I have an old house and we just have window units. Last year I replaced some old ones with Midea U shape that allow the window to go down between the control side and the compressor. It works really well to...
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    Silencing baseboard radiator covers

    Sorry if this is the wrong sub forum... I need to go at this in all my rooms really, but in one room in particular these covers really sing along with my speakers at some resonant frequencies. I was going to start with wrapping the ends of the long front covers and wherever they are supported...
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    Sonos supporting 24 bit, but still no >48KHz Anyone know if there are technical hurdles that would prevent them from streaming higher sample rate files with existing hardware, eventually?
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    Sonos Five

    A little while ago I bought a Sonos Five for my wife. She likes it fine, but I don't think it sounds so great. Something in the midrange just sounds really off to me. Anyway, it should just stop there since she is happy but unfortunately I can't leave it at that. What I am wondering is if...
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    Amplifier auto sense modification (subwoofer)

    I have a subwoofer with no defeat on the autosense function, forcing me to use autosense. It isn't sensitive enough so I have to turn up the input to get it to come on and then it often turns itself off while I am listening. I don't have a schematic for this, but looking at other ones it seems...
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    Any Usher Audio fans? (esp. V series)

    I picked up a pair of V-601 a few years ago for just $400 for the pair and I listen to these in the room I use most. I just love them, running full range with a sub. I can't find any measurements but reviews seem universally positive. E.g...
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    NRC bass measurements, front port vs rear port

    I noticed that some of the Soundstage measurements, at the low end, seem to agree pretty well with manufacturer spec for front ported speakers, but not rear ported. Is it safe to generalize and say low end NRC measurements of front ported are good, but not measurements of rear ported? E.g...
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    I have a feeling I will be listening to a lot more vinyl

    My 20 year old daughter has caught the bug. Like a lot of kids her age I guess. She ordered a few albums even though she does not own a turntable, or even a proper sound system for that matter. But she is home doing remote studies so I guess she figured she'd just use mine. In this case...
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    How to open UMIK to change gain

    I can't seem to get this to budge. But I am trying to open it with tweezers. It is counter-clockwise to open it, right? Am I going to have to buy a spanner wrench to get it open?
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    General design stupidity

    This thread is for venting on bad product design, especially when this replaces something perfectly good. My credit card prompted me to start this so lets start there: Why in the world are credit cards going from cards with nice large raised numbers to designs with a blank front side and small...
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    new KEF KC62 dual 6.5" subwoofer

    This has some clever design elements, especially the overlapping coils. It might be a great option for a small room, if you've got the cash. I wish I had some extra money laying around to get one of these to Amir or Erin...
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    Neil Young pulls music from Tidal, because of MQA

    I expected this to have been be posted already, but here:
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    What's up with Apple Music missing on most streamers?

    I don't subscribe to Apple Music but my kids do. Recently one of them wanted to play her Apple Music with BluOS. This on an old Bluesound Node that does not have Airplay. But BluOS does not have Apple Music, and my understanding is Sonos is the only streaming platform that does (not sure...
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    Fortunate Son

    What a great song. You wouldn't think a politician would want to attach himself to it. edit: I thought this would make bigger waves in the news and it would be obvious what I am talking about. So do a recent news search if you don't know.
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    Discussion of the "Pano" method for estimating amplifier power requirements

    There was some interesting (but misplaced) discussion of amplifier power requirements in a recently closed thread. One point of disagreement had to do with the validity of the Pano method for estimating how much amplifier power you need. You can find the description of this here...
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    Who's craving live music?

    For me a really sad part of this pandemic is not going to see live music for several months. The local summer concert series (Portsmouth NH) was cancelled. But tomorrow I have tickets to a limited event outside, featuring local artists. I am very much looking forward to going to this. Seems...
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    Cheap on-off switch for amplifier

    I want to make it easy to switch power to amplifiers that have a switch on the back. I will be plugging these into the Emotiva CMX-2 Dc blocker, but that doesn't have an on/pff switch so I still have the problem. These plugs with switches look really cheaply made, but are rated 15A. I can't...
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    Speaker switch (DIY?)

    Anybody know of a good speaker selector switch? Just A or B (don't need A&B or protection). Maybe DIY is the way to go? Is something like this as good as, say, the Bryston speaker switch?
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    No frills Class AB power amps, modular design

    I want to replace an amplifier, and will stick with Class AB (Please no debating of Class A vs Class AB vs Class D). Here are some I have been looking at, all with the modular design where multichannel versions are also available. I really want the P2 but price is a little high. Maybe try to...
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    Diagonal room setup

    I'm not sure I've seen a discussion here specifically on this subject. I have a multipurpose room where the location of doors and windows makes a typical setup difficult and pretty unworkable with the entry/exit flow of the room. A rough sketch of the speakers and seating are shown below...
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