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    Replacing THX 789 + Soncoz (Balanced) with Motu M4

    Hello guys, I've been comparing this combo today, I want to simplify my desktop so I'm planning to keep only my Motu M4. The headphone volume knob at 2 PM seems to do the trick for my HD6XX and LCD2 Closed... previously with my Focusrite 2i2 the headphone output was not enough. On a TOTALLY...
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    Is the MacBook Pro 13" 2020 DAC insanely good or is it me?

    Hi all, Basically I upgraded from a 2013 MacBook Pro and I always used it with a Dragonfly dongle, at home I do have a Soconz DAC and THX 789, then to my surprise, the moment I connected the headphones directly to this Mac the clarity is pretty good as well as volume, had anyone measure it or...
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    What to get as desktop audio nirvana?

    So guys, for absolute audio nirvana (kind of endgame), what do you think? 1) Element II 2) Topping DX7 Pro 3) Some DAC + Massdrop THX 789 4) Other? I would like to avoid clutter but not at the expense of sound, as I don't have a way to test any of them where I live, what's your opinion? I...
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    Anyone has a Yamaha THR-10 or THR-5 for Amir to test?

    Hello, The Yamaha THR is a guitar amp that can be connected to PC via USB, it can then be selected as audio input/output and has a headphone 1/4 inch out. It would be interesting if someone in USA could lend one to Amir for testing, it would be interesting to know how the unit performs. I'm...
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    [advice] price for an almost new HD800

    Hello guys, I can get a mint condition HD800 for 680 usd, do you think is a good deal? Cheers!
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    A lot of noise in the Darkvoice 336SE (6SN7 culprit?--> NO!)

    Hi, So, this amp is so noisy past 11 (kind of RF noise) when connected to the PC that is driving me nuts.... I've changed the DAC, Cable, USB Port and nothing. I power it from the same extension cord or from the wall directly and still the same. My Burson connected in the same way is as quiet...
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    5.1 system that resembles high end headphones?

    Hi, I have nice sets of headphones open, closed and back, not Utopia level but Andromedas, 6XX and Audeze. I want to share more music with my better half and we do a lot of series/movies as well. I currently use an LG Soundbar + woofer. As this is new territory for me, what budget are we...
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    What's the next level?

    Hello guys, I'm really enjoying this forum, the content here is top notch! I'm wondering as I have quite a collection of headphones/iems/dac/amps what would be the next logical step for the wow factor as I guess I'm hitting the diminishing returns already. I posted in another thread about the...
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