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    Review and Measurements of DACPort HD and Dragonfly Red

    I have tried several of the CEntrance portable headphone solutions and they all worked great with good power and clean sound. CEntrance are popular in Japan and sold both in specialty headphone stores and the large electronics department stores. I met the CEntrance founder Michael Goodman at a...
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Review (headphone)

    I found the DT990 Pro to be comfortable and enjoyable.
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    Modding the Speaker Protect Circuit in the Schiit Lyr 3 Amp/DAC

    Mark Furneaux video modding the Speaker Protect Circuit in the Schiit Lyr 3 Amp/DAC.
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    Behringer DEQ2496 Ultracurve Pro DSP Review

    I had one and it was a blast. I liked the UI. Alongside REW Software, the DEQ2496 was an intuitive teaching tool for audio and room acoustics. It definitely was not transparent so I sold it eventually. There were a ton of mods on these, principally at I recall somebody found a bug...
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    Sony NW-A105 Digital Audio Player Review

    Sony sells dozens of DAPs in Asia. The performance is all across the board. The 105 is not so good. These are great for commuting without draining difficult to replace mobile phone batteries.
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    RME Babyface Pro FS Portable Interface Review

    I have the RME BabyFace Pro model. There is a DC power input jack on the side. I wonder if better performance would be measured if the box were connected to a high quality power source.
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    KEF R3 Speaker Review

    I heard these with a subwoofer in a store and really liked them. I have heard the similar KEF LS50 probably a dozen times and like the driver engineering and style. But I thought they sounded rather mediocre.
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    KEF LS50 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Beautiful design. I love the coherent, time-aligned speaker arrangement. Great "reviews" but something is wrong with the ls50 IMHO. I have listened to these at least a dozen times. I heard KEFs 3 driver bookshelf speaker last weekend and quite liked it (the R3)
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    Dell XPS 8930 RealTek HD Audio Interface Review

    Dell XPS laptop headphone outs are terrible (in 9550 and 9560 models I own). Very obvious distortion and not much power. Frequently laptop requires a reboot when removing the headphones from the jack. The wonky Waves software keeps self installing and is driving me nuts.
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    Dell XPS 8930 RealTek HD Audio Interface Review

    Frank Azor ran the Alienware/XPS group at Dell. He left Dell in the summer. I don't think those groups produced particularly good computers but now those groups seem to suffer a leadership vacuum. I have some XPS laptops; the industrial design is beautiful. But the engineering is poor overall...
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    Review and Measurements of E1DA 9038S BAL Portable DAC & Amp

    Great execution @IVX . Wishing you all the success in the world and I will line up for this when launched. As you probably know there are a couple of massive headphone festivals in Tokyo (particularly Fujya-Avic but I think e-earphone also runs them). All the major (and hundreds of botique)...
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    Golden Age of Japanese Audio

    Awesome site. I spent a lot of time wandering around used electronics stores and they are stacked to the ceilings with interesting audio gear. From the golden age of Japan, I picked up the Yamaha B2 V-FET amplifier and Sansui 717 tuner; fantastic gear that still is reasonably priced today.
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    RME Babyface Pro vs JDS Atom

    I have the RME BabyFace Pro. It is built like a tank and the software is very well engineered. It has a lot of features for music producers, so investment is spread out pretty well for $700. If you just want a DAC and headphone amp, some dedicated components may be a better bet IMHO.
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    Canjam SoCal Headphone and Audio Show 2019

    I didn't know RAAL made headphones. I'll have to have a listen I have heard the RAAL ribbon "tweeters" on a few "unlimited budget" horn systems. The ribbons were the only "affordable" items on those systems.
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    Review and Measurements of Sony UDA-1 DAC & Amp

    Over the past few years, Sony has released some excellent boutique headphones and portable amps. And Sony's recent sound cancelling headphones are a competitive alternative to Bose for flying. If you are in these markets, Sony should be in your short list.
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    Active noise cancelling or passive noise isolation?

    I would try a few different noise-cancelling headphone models from the same and different makers and you might find one that is less irritating. The Bose and Sony are excellent in my experience but there are some other good models on offer.
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    Cessaro Liszt four way horns

    During the summer of 2011 in a large Tokyo store, I saw similar horns locked in a glass room. They must have fallen down from the earthquake as the horns were severely damaged. There was a lot of equipment in that room but the broken red horns were most memorable. The hi-fi business is quite...
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    Enjoyable DIY speaker video with some engineering teachings

    Below is a an enjoyable and short DIY speaker tutorial. The maker builds inexpensive Voigt speakers, highlighting some key engineering concepts, including: ports, transmission lines, horns, dampening, material selection, and frequency measurements. He even built a DIY anechoic chamber in his...
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    PS Audio Direct stream dac -Is this hype?

    Nothing to decipher there. Just nicely written prose. Well, he is trying to sell a box so a positive pitch is the way to go.
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    Review and Measurements of Teac HA-501 Headphone Amp

    This is a first-class case design. The Teac UI just oozes quality and it looks great. These were all over Japan 5 or 6 years ago but they weren't so popular.
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