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    Is there a collection of all of Richter's Beethoven?

    His Beethoven seems to be scattered among different labels and mixed with other composers. I just listened to a live performance of the Hammerklavier and well, holy heck.....incredible. Better than Gilels for me and his was my favorite for the longest time.
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    Looking for a good Debussy complete piano

    I'd like to get a box set. I don't know who plays Debussy particularly well or is considered a specialist. I wondered about Gieseking, even with the marginal sound.
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    What are your favorite sources for cheap CDs?

    A side subject for the recent thread on how some still use cd players. What are your favorite sources for cheap cds?
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    Oluv'sGadgets has a Patreon account now

    Just thought this should be mentioned, as this guy does good work, with a rational no bs approach to reviewing. I feel Audio Science Review and Oluv are the best thing out there in audio land and should be supported.
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    What volume to set Dac to Amp?

    I have the volume set to max on my Topping Dx3pro going into an Atom amp. Is this the right setting?
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    Does Focal Elex have QC problems?

    I keep running into reports of failed drivers, bad cables and distortion at 90db in bassy recordings.
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    Are the Amazon Fire Tablets good as a servers?

    I see how cheap these are and want to get one, adding a micro card, and use it with the Dx3pro. Which model is best? Without usability quirks and whatnot.....
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    Anyone have the Etymotic Er2se?

    I've got the Er4sr. Interested if the E2 is enough different to be a nice complementary buy. Looks like it graphs almost the same. Edit: forgot I had another thread on this. Never mind.
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    You can't hear the difference between Dx3pro and Atom/Topping D50s?

    I know the answer to this, I think; but still, audiophile upgrade-itis is whispering to me and I've been thinking of replacing the Dx3pro with the Atom combo. I guess it would be nice to have a set up reaching near SOTA for not much money.
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    Compression on Lucinda Williams Gravel Road

    I've had this CD kicking around for years and have only just got around to listening. Really wonderful. One strange thing about the engineering I find most of the band is recorded well and natural, however guitar leads on the tracks have a terrible amount of distorted compression and most all...
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    Comparing Etymotic Er3se w/adapter vs Er4sr

    I was curious and got the Er4, after having the Er3 for a while, using it with an impedance adapter, which supposedly makes the two close or the same. So I did a little comparison today, the Er4 just arriving. First impression of the E4 was extra sparkle with less bass. Hard to get the fit...
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    What about the Fiio DAPs?

    I'm interested in the Fiio M11 just released, however it's all just advertising pap and audiophile nonsense without measurements. So I am reluctant to commit without Amir giving it the once over. Anyone have experience with this or the other Fiio DAPs? I am hoping Fiio will send one for assessment.
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    Is the Ety Er4sr an upgrade from Er3se?

    I am enjoying the E3 and am curious about the E4. There is a rumor the difference is simply higher resistance giving extra treble to the Er4sr. I don't think both use the same drivers, do they? One reviewer claims more refinement and openness in the E4. Anyone owned or compared both?
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    Static from EtymoticER3SE and ToppingDX3

    Static in the right channel of the ETYs but it comes and goes. Using an old Sony CD player as a transport. Don't have a problem with the headphone out of the CD player or from a tablet and Ipod. Must be the Topping then? I was getting noise all over a particular classical recording then later it...
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    Anyone tried the new DD Etymotics?

    ER2SE and XR. They have been out for a bit and I haven't heard much.
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    Adding impedance to affect Etymotic treble

    I came across a headfi thread showing the addition of a resister (20ohm) to the ER3Xr increases treble to match the frequency response of the ER4XR. I have a ER3SE coming and would like to do same to get a match with the ER4SR. To complicate things, I wanted to use a cable extension with the...
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    Cheapest way to store/play music files

    I just got the excellent Topping Dx3 and was going to get a dedicated Laptop for music then figured there must be a much cheaper way to do this. I know nothing about DAPs and wonder if any and all would work fine. Are they all wifi capable for downloading? And what about transferring CDs. Older...
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    My auditory system warming up/adjusting to sound

    I have noticed while listening through headphones that after a certain amount of time the sound seems to improve in a listening session. The soundscape expands, a more of a rounded and real quality to the music. Time was I would say the components were warming up. I suspect this is just somehow...
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    Cd Player Coax to Dac vs Computer USB

    I am between computer set ups right now and have my new Topping Dx3 hooked up to an old Sony CD player. It's a wayback machine; the remote the size of a brick. Technically though, is there really a difference in sound going to usb? Or is this audiophile induced perception. Are most transports a...
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    Are most iems v shaped?

    I've started exploring this end of things after being an over the ear headphone listener for years. I got a TRN V80, purported to be somewhat neutral, and well it was not at all, with excessive bass and sunken mids. My ears are accustomed to the Beyer Dt880. Pretty even handed phones, if...
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