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  1. Astrozombie

    Need help from hifi anonymous to not buy Focal Aria 948

    I guess I don't really know what the next tier is with speakers that are $6K :confused: $12K Towers?
  2. Astrozombie

    A Call For Humor!

    IDK man I can let it slide but that last one is mos def sexist and everybody complains there are no female audiophiles....
  3. Astrozombie

    Advice on room correction vs new equipment

    Doubt it's gonna happen because of the WAF but that room needs to be flipped IMO. Tower speakers (or all speakers?) need to be pulled out from the wall and given room to "breathe", looks easier if they were on the left side of the room.
  4. Astrozombie

    Amplifiers based on Hypex/Purifi and maybe Pascal

    Interesting, looks like the components are sectioned off to avoid interference? Just made me realize most manufacturers don't bother even doing that...........they just plop it down in the box. Even a certain Colorado company that can charge $15,000 for an amplifier ;)
  5. Astrozombie

    How do you sort (organise) your CDs, LPs, K7s, Tapes; physical medias

    I ran out of room for my CDs so i just shove um now wherever I can. What I wanted to make was a spreadsheet so I remember which ones I've bought.
  6. Astrozombie

    Amplifier SINAD list ASR + 3rd parties

    I just care if it's Japanese or not. :cool:
  7. Astrozombie

    Rythmik FV15HP2

    ^I Kept wondering why you listed an ATV in your sig o_O Just realized it means Apple TV? :p
  8. Astrozombie

    Need help from hifi anonymous to not buy Focal Aria 948

    Save for the next tier up as full-range system. What kind of sub do you have? Get another sub is what I'm probably going to say. Have you Mini-DSPed your sub? Do you have an external Amp yet?
  9. Astrozombie

    Denon AVR-X3700H AVR Review

    I bought a used Denon from some dude in SJ and the Zone 1 is named "Hellbound" o_O I think i like it.................\\m//
  10. Astrozombie

    THX cinema with pro cinema audio gear

    Needs a bigger screen, not very "home theater" on that front. Nice gear though
  11. Astrozombie

    Pics of your room treatment

    What would you guys say made more of a difference, the regular wall panels or the corner panels? Or maybe you installed them all at the same time and can't tell............
  12. Astrozombie

    Emotiva PA-1 Review (Amplifier)

    They don't mess around in school zones, know lots of people who have gotten tickets there. Also look out for the stopped school buses. :facepalm:
  13. Astrozombie

    Audiophile Music Must Haves?

    Are there any budget SACD players you recommend? I've been curious but only Pink Floyd is really all I'd be interested in buying on SACD.....
  14. Astrozombie

    Amazon Music appalling sound quality

    I know I've noticed sometimes using prime video that the picture quality was lacking, wouldn't be surprised. Vudu is also notorious for this (owned by Walmart) sometimes being glitchy.
  15. Astrozombie

    Amazon stops charging extra for lossless music as Apple enters the fray,the price war has begun.

    Waiting for Spotify version, tried Tidal and didn't like the interface.
  16. Astrozombie

    Anyone with home theater bypass experience (Parasound)??

    Wouldn't you just start going down the road of separates? Or make a whole nother setup for just 2 channel with maybe some full range towers?
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