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  1. Archsam

    Plugging only one rear bass reflex port?

    My shiny new Revel M105 arrived this afternoon, thanks to the persuasion of Amir's recent review as well as the good folks on ASR whose opinions I valued highly. My wallet will recover eventually..... The M105s replaced the spots previously occupied by my Harbeth P3esr, and straight away I...
  2. Archsam

    My first REW measurement - Harbeth P3esr

    My minidsp UMIK-1 mic arrived yesterday, so after work today I did my first measurement, following Julian Krause's famous Youtube tutorial. The graph below is the average of 7 measurements taken with both L+R speakers. What could have caused the big dip around 130Hz? Is that what is referred to...
  3. Archsam

    Darko Audio podcast - Beware the measurements

    Oh dear..... Edit: Darren Myers compared the design of an audio component with digital image processing (tweaking exposure / satiation / contrast to arrive at a 'pleasant' looking image, rather than a raw and unprocessed 'true' image). I am not sure if this is a fair comparison? I'm very...
  4. Archsam

    Do speaker company's headphones have similar sound signature as their speakers?

    I'm curious about this as there are many traditional speaker companies who are now offering high end headphones. Do they generally voice their headphones to sound similar to their speaker products? How close or far do they sound? What comes to mind are Focal, Quad, B&W and Klipsch. My go to...
  5. Archsam

    Focal Electra 1008 Be - Still good by 2020 standards?

    I noticed recently there are are many sellers on Ebay UK (and some hifi shops) offering used Focal 1008 Be for a very good price (broadly in the £2000 range). This is a speaker that came out nearly 10 years ago so no surprised to see them coming into the second hand market. Measurements looks...
  6. Archsam

    How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality?

    I came across this website with an interesting listening test - 3 different samples of the same song, each one a different sampling rate (128kps / 320kps / WAV) and you have to guess the best sounding one...
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