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  1. Certainkindoffool

    *Sold* Qudelix 5K(Canada)

    $100CAD plus shipping. BNIB sealed. I accidentally ordered 2 of these during the Black friday sale - Drinking. It cost me $146.29CAD to import - considerably less than the absurd $293.70 it is listed for on
  2. Certainkindoffool

    *OFF* Hypex VTV mp252 amplifier(Canada)

    Sale is off as one of my nc400 modules blew because of 'stupid cat,' not any design or reliability issues. Decided not to sell as my wife and daughter won't let me get rid of said cat, and I may need a backup amp.
  3. Certainkindoffool

    Canada Revel F206(CAD 2999) and F36(1399) sale
  4. Certainkindoffool

    Audiophonics RaspDIGI LTE Digipi + Streamer Raspberry pi[sold]

    Bought this used and never used it. I wont be home for another week, so I won't be able to ship it out until then. Cost: shipping + offer/trade/compelling story Pictures can be found here(add i purchased from)
  5. Certainkindoffool

    Outdoor active speaker recomendations?

    Now that the weather here in Ontario has finally turned the corner, I am looking for suggestions for a pair of outdoor speakers for my patio. The patio is approximately 30' x 20', and doesn't have to get to ridiculous volumes. I intend to mount the speakers either in a gazebo, or under an...
  6. Certainkindoffool

    used Kef Reference 5 for 6k

    This is not my add! But, considering this( ), I thought someone here might appreciate it.
  7. Certainkindoffool

    Looking for an hdmi to usb audio extractor.

    Just wondering if anyone has come across an hdmi to usb audio extractor? I am thinking about using an old shield tablet for Tidal/Spotify as it has it's own remote with voice support.
  8. Certainkindoffool

    Midrange driver to match with planar ribbon tweeter

    Currently I own 2 pairs of Clements RT-7 speakers - which I love. However, I have found, when using REW and ARC that I have a drop from around 800hz to 1800hz on both pairs(peaking at about -6db). The specifications for the speakers list the crossover point at 1575. My assumption is that, either...
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