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    Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC and Streamer Review

    Where did I question the right of a consumer to decide what they want to buy? If people want to blow $10k on a DAC that's entirely there choice. Personally I wouldn't buy a Bugatti either, although comparing a Bugatti with a Tesla is more equivalent to a comparison between vinyl and digital...
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    [UK] Is DAB/+ radio done?

    In all fairness I suspect most broadcast radio listening nowadays is either in cars or background music at work, for which DAB is perfectly adequate. For home "radio" listening I suspect it is now mainly Internet radio. Even TV is rapidly changing, I would guess we watch 2 - 3 hours broadcast TV...
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    More Rob Wattage

    This is why i find some of his more asinine comments particularly disappointing, he is not the usual golden eared half whit snake oil peddler but is a genuinely competent and capable engineer who does know his stuff. I expect a bit more from such an individual than from idiots who just...
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    Has the Topping A50 headphone amp appeared yet?

    There's no shortage of excellent and affordable headphone amplifiers these days. JDS Atom, Geshelli, Schiit Magni Heresy and the venerable O2 is still an excellent product. And that is before considering less available stuff which you can still buy like the VMV VA2. An embarrassment of riches...
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    Ultrasone S Logic

    Does anyone have any information on the Ultrasone S Logic technology please? I have read the marketing material but that doesn't convey much other than trying to sell it. The only model I've ever been able to listen to isn't sold as an Ultrasone model, but the Adam SP5 is made by Ultrasone for...
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    Danny Richie Audio Myths on “Electrical Burn In”

    Not everything that is measurable is audible or of much relevance. Clearly physical properties of materials change subject to a whole range of parameters. The question is not whether you will be able to measure such changes (it would be more remarkable to claim there are no changes) but whether...
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    Danny Richie Audio Myths on “Electrical Burn In”

    I find it quite telling that he cannot understand that adjusting to a different sound signature is not a claim that our ears or hearing changes.
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    NEWBIE - Am I deaf ?

    Artistic qualities of music and whether or not you like it are not the same as technical audio quality or recordings. Some of my favourite recordings are old ones which are clearly not the most impressive in terms of recording quality, whilst some audiophile labels seemed to produce beautiful...
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    Shanling M3S for sale

    For sale, good clean condition, full working order with box, paperwork etc. Nice DAP with balanced and SE output, 132mW at 32ohms amplifier, single card slot and no internal memory. FULL DISCLOSURE - I am selling this because I see no benefit over the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Sony Xperia XZ...
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    Mola Mola Tambaqui Measurements

    The audio DAC has been a mature technology for years, there are plenty of DACs that predate the development of this Mola Mola that are audibly transparent and perform entirely satisfactorily.
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    Moving on up from HD 58X

    If you want more premium build, or comfort or just want something with more wow factor then there are a lot of options to step up from the HD58X. However, if it is about SQ then you have already gone past the point where you will notice a really significant improvement in SQ in my opinion.
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    More Rob Wattage

    Watts is doing what most audio manufacturers do, telling a story that appeals to his target audience and playing to what he sees as his strengths. I agree with Solderdude, much of what he has said this time is reasonable apart from silly noise floor stuff. If we stripped out all the solutions...
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    Tom Christiansen Audio HPA-1 Headphone Amp Review

    I know proprietary formats have issues, but I think if people want a balanced headphone amp I think the pentaconn has a lot going for it. The 2.5mm is a bit small and weedy for my taste (3.5mm is bad enough, let alone 2.5) and the 4 pin XLR too far the other way. The pentaconn seems to be the...
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    Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC and Streamer Review

    Nobody needs a DAC like this. The price is extremely high whichever way you look at it considering how little you need to pay for a transparent DAC. Once you achieve audible transparency then you have achieved the objective for a DAC. I think if you want great build quality and support from a...
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    Do "audio enthusiasts" like many of us here at ASR consider audio to be a hobby?

    In my case my interest in audio is separate from sound quality. That probably sounds silly but I think electronics have been audibly transparent for years and that if you just want good sound quality it is probably harder to get electronics that don't sound fine. Speakers and headphones are...
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    Speaker Equivalent SINAD Discussion

    The problems with any attempt to reduce performance indication to a metric or group of metrics is that it risks reducing things too much and distorting perception unfairly and unless people really understand the basis of how they're calculated and what they mean they can end up of questionable...
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    Behringer A800 Stereo Amplifier Review

    An amplifier has to be capable of driving its load. So specifications matter and avoiding clipping etc. Provided an amplifier is suitable for the load, and hasn't been designed to deliberately colour the sound I think most of them are transparent. And even where differences can be discerned they...
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    Tom Christiansen Audio HPA-1 Headphone Amp Review

    How much power does an amp need, really? There are spectacularly inefficient and hard to drive headphones no doubt but they are outliers and even most non-mobile open back designs are pretty easy to drive now. My DAP has an SE output of 132mW at 32 ohms I think (Shanling M3s), that drives all...
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    Monoprice Monolith THX 887 Balance Headphone Amp: New Champ?

    The international shipping fees are clear, and I accept the sales tax (20% here) but it really drives me made to have to pay a handling fee to cover the costs of them collecting the tax. I haven't imported anything from overseas for a while but it used to be about £13 with the post office and...
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    Mark Levinson No 360S DAC Review

    When this was made computer audio had yet to take over and optical drives had good DACs. Built in CD player DACs had achieved audible transparency and perfectly good performance long before the mid 90's I think. My own CD player is an early 90's Sony ES model which Ken Rockwell tested the same...
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