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    Which has better measurements? All-tube or hybrid amplifiers?

    Which has better measurements? All-tube or hybrid (tube+solid state) amplifiers? In theory the hybrids has in my opinion. You can use op-amps for output buffer for example. But really this is the case?
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    Rats for better sound quality

    Entreq vibb eaters
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    Bile preamp?

    What is called "bile preamp" exactly? aliexpress bile preamp
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    A way to record headphones output jack of an amplifier?

    Is it possible to record the output of a headphones amplifier using the line-in audio jack of a PC? Is it recommended at all?
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    Double blind test in practice (ie in real life)

    Double blind test in practice (ie in real life) Objectivist goes out to a football game. There, a football hooligan punchs the objectivist in the nose well. Now the objectivist knows that his senses can easily deceive him. In this situation, a double blind test is required. So he closes his...
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    Interesting facts

    Electrons have more speed in vacuum than solid-state. Tube sound It is better listening to music at night. Because the Earth is between the Sun and the listener. The Earth is shielding the noise from the Sun.
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    Triple blind test setup for comparing headphone amps

    Player->USB cable->DAC- -RCA cable1 RCA1->Amp1->headphone cable1 HC1- -RCA cable2 RCA2->Amp2->headphone cable2 HC2- -headphone cable3 HC3->Headphone RCA1 and RCA2 are the same type HC1 and HC2 are the same type extension cables 1. randomly plug one of the RCA1/2 into the DAC. 2. randomly plug...
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    Can you hear difference between the two wav file examples?

    example A example B I have tried using the Deltawave software, but not exactly understanding the results :) Warning: The beginnings of the two files are not properly aligned.
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