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    Working With Non-Technical People

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    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    Seems like people are finding studio monitors a bit under powered for larger rooms. I wonder if PA speakers might be an option and if they have decent frequency response....
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    Neumann KH 310A Review (Powered Monitor)

    With regard to the transient response the CSD was one reason I went with these (more money than I wanted to spend) the decay plot was very clean
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    Tip on Coffee timing...
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    Help with loss of Hifiman HE-6

    I can pitch in, do I just make a donation?
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    LG says it might quit the smartphone market

    Just picked up a refurbished G8 for $200...should be a descent DAP for the money...can be expanded up to 2TB of storage...
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    Neumann KH 310A Review (Powered Monitor)

    I purchased the grills as well, I have the monitors on stands about elbow height and was a bit paranoid about them getting damaged...I'm curious to see how the grills impact measurements...
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    What headphones would you like Amir to measure next?

    The HD 560S looks pretty close to the Harman curve at 1/3 the price of the Aeon, I'd like to see that reviewed as well...if the review is good, it would be hard to justify the Aeon
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    What headphones would you like Amir to measure next?

    The Aeon 2 Noire looks to be right on the Harmon curve, I'd love to see those tested...I'd pull the trigger on them, but not before I've seen the measurements....
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    What's the deal with mid-tier closed headphones?

    The HD 560S seems to be pretty close to the Harman curve...
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    Genelec 8050B Speaker Review (and how to read speaker measurements)

    Fantastic video, very informative, thank you very much....I've shared it with a few friends who have interests in audio....
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    Frequency Response Scoop from 1k to 3k

    Several of the headphone response curves show a scoop from around 1k to 3k relative to the Harman curve. In particular, the Neumann NDH-20 shows this. I'm interested in this headphone, so I asked Neumann about it. Their response is below... The NDH 20 are tuned as a neutral mixing/ monitoring...
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    Topping D30Pro Review (Balanced DAC)

    The video companion was great, thank your doing it, and providing the additional insights...
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    Beyerdynamic T1 Review (V2 headphone)

    The T1.2 was described as a HD800 at 1/2 the price...looking at the frequency response, that seems pretty accurate...The T1.2, HD800 and Neumann NDH-20 seem to have a scoop from about 1k to 3k relative to the Harman curve. I would think the Neumann guys would tune the headphones pretty close to...
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Review (headphone)

    There seems to be two groups of people, those who don't find the beyer type response a problem and those who like a warmer tuning. I have DT1990s, T1.2s and PSB M4U1...I don't find any of them particularly bright or lacking base. I've had a pair of HP50s at one point but thought they sounded...
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    Neumann KH 310A Review (Powered Monitor)

    The speaker+yolks is on the order of 35lbs, the stand is relatively flexible...if you give the speaker a bump, the natural response is on the order of 1hz or so...I don't think you excite any sway modes in the stands, the yolks are pretty effective in decoupling any excitation of the tubing...I...
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    Master Complaint Thread About Headphone Measurements

    I re-reviewed the thread and found where the measurement issue was discussed...sorry for the follow up question....when driven at lighter loads, does the frequency response change much, I assume the distortion is much lower...
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    Master Complaint Thread About Headphone Measurements

    Could you add pass at a more reasonable volume level 70dB or so...94-114 dB seem like ear splitting levels, would a headphone designer be using this high of an SPL to judge the performance...these levels are "worst case", but certainly don't represent the volumes I would be using.... Thank you.
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