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    headphone recommendation diagram (no EQ)

    Hi everyone, I dedicated a few minutes today and I came up with this flow diagram, it's basically what I do when I try to answer someone in the recommendations thread. With more time and use cases, I could write an embeddable javascript app that would attempt to make a recommendation after...
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    figuring out EQ values for Audeze EL-8 Titanium (closed)

    Hello people, I was able to snag my first pair of magnetic planar headphones from eBay. I got the Audeze EL-8 closed for US$240 S/H included (used, of course) I was trying to find a cipher lighting cable to match the discounted Audeze iSine 10 from Adorama, and I bumped into this which looked...
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    IEMs, hygiene, ear care. Maintenance.

    Before pulling the trigger in Etymotic IEMs, I was reading some threads. Some people mention the cleaning process of IEMs and the due diligence to stay away from infections in the ear canal. Is this the case for any IEM or just the deep insertion kind like the Etymotic models? (e.g. Moondrop...
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