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    after sonkoz laqxd1 what?

    hi guys. my dac is dead and i am in the lookout for new dac. i havent lurked for a while. can someone in a glimpse, suggest few dacs for me? up to 300 euro (i dont have to go that high). i am in europe. think of the things sonkoz offered. something like that. even if i dont use balanced out, i...
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    Headphones under 500 euros (again) amplification question, etc (sundara is my no 1. choice right now)

    Hi there guys and merry christmas. I know that some time ago i made a thread for a closed headphone. Well since my old headphones havent been sold yet (ath m50x) i dont think i will invest in akf k371 as i was thinking. I am now thinking to keep the m50x (probably get new pair of earpads) and...
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    need closed headphones advice (200 euro range)+ limitations

    Hi guys. I need advice from my fav forum site. i will first need to explain my current setup and the use of the headphones, to get a nice suggestion. i listen to flac music from pc which uses a sonkoz laqxd1. Laqxd1 is connected to my behringer x2222usb console. signal from the console is then...
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    cheap vfm active speakers?

    Hi there guys. i love this forum and the opinions shaped, that are based on measurements. hi fi is a subjective area. since i found this forum i learned about great vfm dacs, headphone amps etc. So i thought id ask about speakers. perhaps i can find the equivalent of a khadas tone board. so...
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    neutral dac under 350?

    Hello guys. First post here. I am John From Athens, Greece. while googling for dacs, i came to this amazing site. i am reading many reviews and i am falling in live with this excellent forum. Well, i am in need for some suggestions from you. right now, i play my flac files through my desktop...
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