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    Of smartphones and in-ears - Are Bluetooth headphones/earphones "there" yet ?

    I switched phones recently from a Sony Xperia XZ to a Samsung Galaxy S10. The S10 seemed like a very good phone - it is in actuality - and was practically given away with a generous Samsung cashback. I'm very happy with the S10's sound. I've had a few in-ear headphones, Sony MDR650, RHA MA750...
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    Connecting speakers through speaker connexions of a Stax Energizer: any effect on sound quality ?

    Hello, I was hoping to be able to connect my Stax Energizer (SRD-7 model) to the unused satellite speaker outputs of my new AV receiver, but disabling the main speakers to hear just the satellite channels is not possible so that won't work. I have a perhaps unfounded reluctance to use the...
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    less than one inch clearance for ventilation above an AV receiver too little?

    As per the title, is a clearance of about 2 cm, or less than one inch, for an AV receiver's ventilation, too little? Space on the sides would be plenty. I suspect the answer will be yes and won't take any chance if so; a previous AVR would sometimes cause the TV to switch off with a worrying...
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    what do people think about the "Klipsch sound" ?

    Klipsch has a new set of powered speakers that I'm considering as a potentially convenient alternative to an amp+speakers solution for our TV set. Usefully, it has a remote control, a feature I need in powered speakers which isn't widely available. One negative is the 20% premium in price ($400...
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    Digital amps: what's the deal?

    I figured that would be the right section to post this, as these new amps are called digital amps. Recently while browsing the Audiophonics site (French distributor and manufacturer of audio gear) I noticed a model by SMSL called the AD18, a digital amp that has apparently made a small splash...
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    Dragonfly Black not playing well with amp?

    Hello, A friend recently gifted me some Stax Sigma headphones. It had been a long while since I hadn't used my stereo system, my habitual mode of music listening these days being off a Dragonfly Black hooked to an android phone running USB Audio Player. So at first I installed the Stax adapter...
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