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  1. JoachimStrobel

    JazzGroove Multichannel Radio

    Since years I am looking for a streaming service or a radio that sends Multichannel streams, preferably Jazz. Yesterday may dream came true: I discovered JazzGroove: This is a great Jazzstation even without Multichannel stream - but they do Multichannel too. Their Mix1...
  2. JoachimStrobel

    Starting to think about HRTF and how to measure and apply them.

    I came across the website of and was intrigued that they do offer HRTF corrections. I did not find a link to an appropriate hardware or a how-to ( I could not open the supplied google drive link), but I found that topic super interesting. Has...
  3. JoachimStrobel

    Horizontal listening

    While camping and lying on the ground, I always noticed the superb spatial resolution I heard. I imagined that this it the way Mother Earth designed our hearing/ head system, so that we could hear the direction things were coming while making camp. I guess, listening to music in concert halls...
  4. JoachimStrobel

    NanoAVR discontinued

    Yesterday I saw, that MiniDSP lists the NanoAVR series under legacy products with an „EOL Jan 2020“. Their NanoAVR product site is removed, links into that site are dead: I believe that these devices were always underrated. They are great...
  5. JoachimStrobel

    Afordable ADC for vinyl

    I like to add my LPs to my digital stream, eventually ending in a Dirac unit. I may even try to correct the cartridge-phono preamp chain once I can feed it into the DSP. So I need an good but afordable ADC for that. I came across some posts, but they dealt with microphones mostly. Has anybody a...
  6. JoachimStrobel

    Hearing EQ

    (This Post was inspired by A couple of weeks ago I embarked on a project that I like to share and ask for comments: Ear or Hearing EQ. After having toyed with Room EQ, I thought it would be cool to...
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