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    Repairing a DataVideo TBC-1000 power board

    Hope this isn't too off topic....I have a DataVideo TBC-1000 time base corrector - it is designed to stabilize video from analogue formats for video capture. It's been sitting idle for years. I inspected the internals before powering it on again and noticed the caps on the 'power board' are...
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    Genelec good enough?

    Been looking to purchase a system for the home office and wondering if anyone would consider Genelec to be comparable with a high end audio setup? I've been through the KEF Reference 1, the Devialet Phantom (one went kaput and Devialet apparently can't fix them so I sold those) and the KEF...
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    Good active speakers for £1k

    Looking for a good pair of compact active speakers for the office. Candidates are the Sonos Play:5, the BeoLab 3 and the BeoLab 8000 MK2 / 8002. The Sonos are about £800 with discount and the BeoLabs go for about the same on eBay. Wondering if anyone with experience can recommend? Reviews...
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    Apple Music launches Apple Digital Masters collection of high-quality songs

    Interesting announcement by Apple: Seems to be AAC 256kbit not ALAC and 24bit source material. Not quite sure what Apple are announcing to be honest or if this is more PR...
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    Understanding brickwalled tracks vs dynamic range (R128)

    I have two copies of a track from Elton John's - Elton John 1970 album. Elton John (1970) [1985 - DJM / 827 689-2 / West Germany / CD] and Elton John [TIDAL / MQA] Starting with the 1985 CD pressing - track 10 - The King Must Die you can see it's not been brickwalled: R128 dynamic range...
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    Hifiman HE-6 + Sonos Amp

    I have a pair of HE-6 headphones, they're notoriously insensitive (83.5db). Many users drive their HE-6's with a speaker amp. Hifiman even sell an adapter for this explicit purpose here: Unfortunately my gigantic circa 90s Yamaha amp finally bit the dust...
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    TIDAL accused of deliberately falsifying streaming numbers

    Serious stuff, following an investigation into Tidal's streaming figures it's been found that Tidal have falsified a lot of data. Money quote:
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    Microsoft reflects on the failures of Courier, KIN, and ultra mobile PCs

    Great talk at Microsoft's Build conference by Jon Friedman about his work as a designer on Courier, KIN and some of the other 'ahead of their time' products at Microsoft. As a long...
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    Suggestions for a DAC/AMP to drive Hifiman HE-6

    I've been using the wonderful sounding Yamaha DSP-A2070 amp to drive a pair of Hifiman HE-6 headphones for the past few years and it has been great. Unfortunately the amp is getting really flaky and is near to giving up the ghost. I was going to pickup a Schiit Mjolnir and Gungnir stack but...
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