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  1. Wes

    Does Phase Distortion/Shift Matter in Audio? (no*)

    as we have now reached p. 14, I offer this relating to phazer distortion and audiophile advertising claims ...
  2. Wes

    Do all DAC's have technical issues

    Which reviews are you reading, OP? When reading the reviews and user experience threads on ASR I get the impression that almost any of the sub $1000 modern-day DAC's have no technical issues relating to SQ.
  3. Wes

    The Truth Pre Amp Review

    you can't handle the truth - at least while it is plugged into AC power
  4. Wes

    Genelec 8351b/8361a vs Magnepan

    whatever you prefer is correct for your situation fidelity is an "n-dimensional hyper-space" - you need to avoid trying to collapse it into univariate procrustean bed
  5. Wes

    UpTone Audio EtherREGEN Switch Review

    just a BTW, technically I think it is possible to get a tiny common mode current past the transformers on Ethernet We need to be careful to distinguish the unlikely from the impossible, and the negligible from the small...
  6. Wes

    UpTone Audio EtherREGEN Switch Review

    maybe find out more before dismissing things eh - objective has meaning, as does bias
  7. Wes

    Genelec 8351b/8361a vs Magnepan

    Agree. The OP will need to listen to them both to see which he prefers - or to see which set of deficits matters the least to him (and the latter is what speakers are all about). mea culpa, I have 3.7i in the den and still keep a small pair of cone speakers in the bedroom and computer room...
  8. Wes

    UpTone Audio EtherREGEN Switch Review

    not talking about Ethernet no searching, but someone whose opinion I respect did mention that he found it helped with certain DACs - he is a very objective guy
  9. Wes

    UpTone Audio EtherREGEN Switch Review

    I bet Yugo or Trabant could make a really bad DAC. The other prong of that exploratory frontier is whether the drive to make a very high end 'special' DAC might lead someone to create a poorly isolated unit...
  10. Wes

    Bass trap

    I can only make a couple of background, elementary additions, which might be what the OP or others need. Rooms have standing waves, which are spatial - they don't change in time if the driving force (music freq.) is present. Imagine a chart of pressure that is spread along your floor as the...
  11. Wes

    Big Tech. A serious issue that needs to be addressed.

    US DOJ under the last administration secretly subpoenaed Apple for private info on several news reporters and others
  12. Wes

    UpTone Audio EtherREGEN Switch Review

    I bet it's possible to make a DAC so badly designed that this things helps it.
  13. Wes

    Has anyone measured the effect (if any) of tube rolling?

    on tubed gear, I like to let the manf. select and match (or 'match') replacement tubes if people want to play around with different tubes that's fine with me - it keeps them off the streets and out of trouble
  14. Wes

    Milan Kunchur

    It might be interesting to send an ai system roaming thru a music catalog to detect how often any musical waveforms change as quickly as the leading or trailing 'edge' of a 7 kHz square wave.
  15. Wes

    After joy Division & New Order ... what?

    What should I hunt down to listen to after those?
  16. Wes

    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    I'm glad you did not say "it will be more than a 30.7" !
  17. Wes

    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    Some things that aren't known: - rough est. of dates, prices - can the woofer sit in a corner But thanks for what you did post.
  18. Wes

    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    anything we can hear about their forthcoming speaker?
  19. Wes

    Post pictures of anything, with comment...couple words.

    last year
  20. Wes


    watch out for this
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