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  1. Pjetrof

    Accuphase 480 dac 50 vs Benchmark AHB2 dac 3 L for Harbeth 30.2

    All, Which would you choose and why. Only between those two pls, no recommendations for others. Price is similar for me. My speakers Harbeth 30.2. Room open plan living room. Rectangular 9 meters by 5 meters. Speakers on long wall 2 meters apart, 3 meters to listening position. Concrete...
  2. Pjetrof

    Coda technologies NO 8 and no 16

    Hello, Are people on this forum who have experience with one of those amplifiers. Is the company a good company. Are the amplifiers really that good like the review suggest?
  3. Pjetrof

    Avantone pro Avantone cla-200

    Does some people have experience with tthis pro company? There new amplifier looks intresting? Someone have seen the components used? After reading Hypex use now less good components, i m looking elsewhere.
  4. Pjetrof

    Graphs after repair amplifier

    What to those graphs tell me? could you calculate sinad with those graphs?
  5. Pjetrof

    Atoll Electronique AM400 Power amplifier.

    All, Could someone give some information, measurements, experience about this power amp. Apart from what is written by manufacturer them self cannot find anything sinad measurements objective if this is boutique amplifier or a good class ab manufacture. Can someone help pls...
  6. Pjetrof

    Class D vs Solid state vs Tubes

    I am always thinking would there be a audible difference. Between solid state and D class amplifiers. Objective we can prove tubes vs solid. A, AB, G, H class if well made and played in their parameters no audible difference. What about D class? I m not technically studied enough to explain or...
  7. Pjetrof

    Apollon PNC1200 vs NC1200SLM vs NC800SLM For Harbeth 30.2

    Is there a audible difference between the premium and normal amplifiers from Apollon? Is there a audible difference between nc1200 and nc800? And question number three is the nc1200 overkill cause Harbeth don’t drop to 2 ohm? Or is this technically not correct? thx for the answers in advance.
  8. Pjetrof

    Neumann +Mini DSP SHD or Alternatives

    All, After long consideration i m going to sell my system (see signature) if someone intrested! Because of this forum after my set is sold i m going to take the active route. I really like the harbeth + Quad sound. But like to simplify my system. Also all the praise active speakers get here. I...
  9. Pjetrof

    Marten Oscar Trio.

    Does someone have experience with this speaker or seen some measurements? How would they sound reading the measurements? cant do home demo. I like the Harbeth sound, but not the focal sound, cant explain better. need pair floorstander for living room. Need WAF but they have to sound good as...
  10. Pjetrof

    Franco Serblin Accordo Essence

    Is this beautifully speaker, measurement wise a good speaker? By looking at measurements could anyone say this speaker is bright sounding or not?
  11. Pjetrof

    Yamaha NS 3000

    Hello, Someone has heard this new speaker from yamaha? Seen measurement? Apparently 5000 a piece stands included.
  12. Pjetrof

    QSC PLX Recommended by Klippel

    Does someone have experiences with this amplifier? Apparently its recommended by Klippel! .pdf
  13. Pjetrof

    RIP Ennio Morricone

    A great composer is taken away from us. lots of respect for the man. condolences for his family.
  14. Pjetrof

    PAS 2002PCA PA amplifier vs MC2 S800

    Question for the technical experienced people. Are those amplifiers good amplifiers concernicng components and measurements? Which one is the best?
  15. Pjetrof

    Harbeth 30.2 vs kef R3

    Question for the more engineered experienced under us. After discovering this forum and reading a lot and testing what I read. I m a believer what this forum predict. Measurements! Does this also count for speakers. In blind testing will the kef r3 sounds better than the other passive speakers...
  16. Pjetrof

    GoldNote PA10 vs Benhmark AHB2

    For the more technical experienced members. Can someone explain the topology from this new ab Class amplifier. Is it an alternative for the benchmark AHB2? Any measurements?
  17. Pjetrof

    Best available streamer for benchmark dac3

    Title says it all. what would you guys recommend, which streamer has the same quality as the benchmark Dac?
  18. Pjetrof

    Benchmark AHB2 vs Quad artera vs hypex class d

    If you have the choice, which would you choose and why? Price not in consideration. Speakers are Harbeth 30.2 Room is 40 square meters. Open plan rectangular 10 by 4 meters living-room, dining-room and kitchen. Speakers on long wall In living-room. 2.5 meters to seating position. 2 meters apart...
  19. Pjetrof

    Behringer A800 vs The Rest.

    Like to hear from more experienced people in electronics and reading measurements, what would be audible better then the Behringer A800. Powering Harbeth 30.2, mostly singer song writer, reasonable loudness, 40 square meter rectangular, speakers on long side 2 meters apart 3 meters to listening...
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