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  1. acbarn

    Are you moving from Roon+Tidal/Qobuz to a Major HiFi Streaming Service?

    Now that lossless has hit the mainstream, will you be dropping your Roon subscription in favor of one of the major streaming services?
  2. acbarn

    For Sale: Intel NUC w/Roon ROCK installed $350

    Selling the following: Intel NUC 8 (NUC8i5BEH) - Core i5, Tall ($400 new) Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 250GB - ($60 new) Corsair Memory Kit 16GB (2x8GB) - ($80 new) New Total: $540 Selling price: $350 Ready to go with Roon ROCK installed. Purchased in October 2020, very lightly used. Includes...
  3. acbarn

    Classical Musicians Review Apple Airpods Max

    I really enjoyed this. So many audiophile reviewers come with loads of expectations and prejudices, which often color their opinions to the point that they’re almost meaningless. These musicians are mostly free from those biases, which to me makes their opinions very interesting.
  4. acbarn

    Roon 1.8

    Roon 1.8 dropped today. I’m enjoying the fresh look and new features so far...
  5. acbarn

    ADI-2 DAC FS: Auto Ref Level/Low Vol Ref

    So, I'm trying to understand how the "Auto Ref Level" interacts with the Loudness "Low Vol Ref" on the Phones output. With Auto Ref Level turned off, I have the Loudness Low Vol Ref set to -30db. When I switch on Auto Ref Level, the volume readout drops by -15db to make headroom for the...
  6. acbarn

    Sensing Ultrasonics

    I found this video very interesting. I’m wondering how it relates to high resolution audio.
  7. acbarn

    Withdrawn: JDS Labs Element II

    Lightly used JDS Labs Element II. Includes original packaging and cables. Perfect other than some very light scratches around the plugs on the back of the unit. PayPal in the Continental U.S. only. $300 shipped.
  8. acbarn

    My New Album

    My new album, Suijin, was released today on BandCamp and the major streaming services. Stylistically, it exists in the space between ambient, jazz, and electronica. Working on the project over the past 9 months has been a much needed distraction from the daily onslaught of bad news this year...
  9. acbarn

    First PS Audio, now SBAF? More Smack Talking...

    That’s a lot of FUD for one week. Sheesh.
  10. acbarn

    iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro as Streamer

    Assuming the same source material, is there any difference in the output quality of an iPad Pro versus a MacBook Pro when using USB out to a DAC/amp?
  11. acbarn

    Objective-oriented Audio Manufacturers

    I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of manufacturers who base their product designs and marketing primarily on sound science and measurable attributes (sans snake oil). I’ll start a short list here, please add more if you’re so inclined. Thanks! JDS Labs Topping RME Benchmark...
  12. acbarn

    Transparency of 320 Ogg Vorbis (Spotify Premium) and 256 AAC (Apple Music)

    Has it been definitively demonstrated that 320kbps Ogg Vorbis and 256kbps AAC are audibly transparent? If so, I assume there is no real need for 16/44.1 and "hi-res" streaming?
  13. acbarn

    Audio Pundit Rant (Currawong)

    It seems no self-respecting audio pundit can resist publishing a rant without taking a swipe at ASR. :facepalm:
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