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  1. Kachda

    Marketing vs reality

    KEF send these promotional emails once in a while, and I got a great one today. What did the marketing folks get wrong in the picture below ?
  2. Kachda

    Ex Apple homepod designed launches 'triphonic' speaker
  3. Kachda

    Mono vs Stereo Listening Testing: Best Way to Evaluate Loudspeaker Performance?

    A good video from audioholics. Thanks @Gene DellaSala and @Matthew J Poes
  4. Kachda

    DX3 Pro out of stock - alternatives ?

    Thinking of getting a DAC+Headphone amp since I use the apple usb-c dongle at the moment, and I would really like to have something that has a rotary volume control, and can also let me use headphones occasionally. Looking through the reviews, I thought the Topping DX3 Pro was priced reasonably...
  5. Kachda

    The truth about audio equipment sales Read the last few paragraphs, the truth is in black and white.
  6. Kachda

    SVS 1000 vs 1000-pro

    I looked at @sweetchaos subwoofer spreadsheet and noticed that there are no SPL figures for the new 1000-pro. Audioholics has been testing one for a while but nothing published yet. Has any member here had an opportunity to compare them ? Somebody in my area is selling a 2 year old SVS 1000 for...
  7. Kachda

    Man with passion for sound is on a quest to build the finest sound amplification system ever

    <QUOTE> When most of us listen to music these days, we hear MP3s. Introduced in 1993, they took off with Napster, and became ubiquitous. But Weiss said 95% of the sound is gone in MP3s. "Can you imagine watching a television set where 95% of the pixels are dark? You wouldn't watch that at all...
  8. Kachda

    Mini KEF R3 vs Philharmonic BMR review

    I was one of the lucky ones who managed to be a part of the BMR road show. Over the past week, I had the pleasure of auditoning and comparing the Philharmonic BMR against my KEF R3. Both were driven by MiniDSP SHD -> March Audio P502 amps with Spotify as source. Just in case any one has any...
  9. Kachda

    Nick Brown Smelled Bull A plucky amateur dared to question a celebrated psychological finding. He wound up blowing the whole theory wide open.
  10. Kachda

    ASR Product of the year?

    Similar to how many websites declare their products of the year, should ASR have a product of the year (maybe by category) based on the tests here ? Could be done by poll or @amirm decides based on his tests throughout the year ?
  11. Kachda

    Screw Amazon - venting time (and warning for others)

    This is a vent and a warning for those who rely on Amazon for most of their purchases (as a non car-owning person in NYC, Amazon is quite important). I bought the Edifier R1700BT from Amazon in late September. On listening to it, I notice the left speaker had some kind of buzzing sound when...
  12. Kachda

    iLoud micro - in room basic measurements

    I bought these on @napilopez recommendation and so far I am quite pleased with them. Now I am no professional reviewer, so please excuse my measurement in room for incorrect scale etc. But what seems impressive to me is that the distortion seems well controlled and below the fundamental in the...
  13. Kachda

    Pink Faun 2.16x music streamer - $20k PC ?

    $20k for what is a PC without a DAC or storage! Why does one need all this to decode a digital file ? ------------------ The Pink Faun arrives in a substantial wooden crate that cradles the streamer in several inches of dense...
  14. Kachda

    Outlaw RR2160mkii integrated amp announced I had the original and it was a great value. The only reason to sell it was it was too large for my TV stand when I moved to my new apartment, so I replaced it with minidshp SHD+hypex amps. But...
  15. Kachda

    Tube amp simulated through AI
  16. Kachda

    minidsp shd - just bought - nothing seems to work

    Hi, I bought a minidsp shd and it just arrived today. I installed all the apps and drivers. The SHD app connects to the minidsp over USB, and I can connect it to the network, but other than that literally nothing works. 1. The routing matrix has nothing on it. 2. Clicking on Config2 hangs the...
  17. Kachda

    desktop speakers <300usd

    Hi, I've ordered an amplifier from March Audio and waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime, I was thinking of getting some cheap speakers for my desktop which I can also use while working from home or watching youtube etc. Don't want to spend too much since I've already spent enough money on...
  18. Kachda

    Naim Uniti Atom vs NAD M10

    Today I went down to a dealer to have a listen to the NAD M10. I wasn't all to impressed with the sound. Tracks like Massive Attack's Angel and the Telarc version of the 1812 Overture sounded harsh and uncomfortable (speakers were Dynaudio 40 and Wilson Sasha DAW). The bass sounded 'fluttery'...
  19. Kachda

    FS - Outlaw RR2160 Integrated Amp

    I am selling a 1 year old Outlaw RR 2160 integrated amp. Details here -> (currently out of stock at Outlaw, ETA nov 2020). I bought it refurbished from Outlaw but I don't notice any cosmetic...
  20. Kachda

    speakers for desktop/nearfield listening

    Hi, I would like to get some speakers for my computer desk. Since they will be used nearfield, the most impoartant part is the on-axis being flat i think. I can supplement the bass with a small sub. I have a UMIK-1 to make measurements and I can also run equalizer apo to make small corrections...
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