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  1. LightninBoy

    Best headphones for Rock/Metal under $2K

    Look promising. Expensive, but not completely ridiculous price. Looking forward to Amir's review of these.
  2. LightninBoy

    Benchmark AHB2 / Class D Purifi Eigentakt / Mark Levinson 333 - Listening impression & Conclusion

    The premise of this question is false. Most objectivist (I would say "all" if they are truly objectivist) know they are influenced by such things. Yes.
  3. LightninBoy

    Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000 Review (Headphone)

    Yeah, just like when they stopped putting Brawndo on plants ...
  4. LightninBoy

    Decent headset for office use (telephony+music) I love these headphones but rarely get to recommend them. But your use case is similar to mine when I bought these. They have become my everyday headphones. Only 30$ now on Amazon.
  5. LightninBoy

    Kali Audio IN-8 Studio Monitor Review

    That would raise my "too good to be true" flags , so I appreciate you sharing your positive experience. If I had the room, I'd jump all over this deal.
  6. LightninBoy

    JBL 306P MK II Review (Studio Monitor)

    I believe this would be your best option. Looking at amir's graphs the vertical directivity is even below the tweeter (which would be above the tweeter when turned upside down). Also I had them upside down for a while with tweeters slightly below ear level. Sounded and measured great. But you...
  7. LightninBoy

    What is the point of buying expensive headphones if you can just use an equalizer to get the same frequency response on cheap ones?

    Agree that comfort is critical and why its #1 in my list. It is also subjective and can be unique to each person, which is why I kind of disregarded it when filtering the ASR review list. I don't see the HD600, HD650, HD6xx as wasting money. I once thought they were overpriced but my opinion...
  8. LightninBoy

    What is the point of buying expensive headphones if you can just use an equalizer to get the same frequency response on cheap ones?

    Some examples from the ASR review database alone. 3 if non EQ performance is critical (stricter interpretation of "Basically follows the Harman curve"). 12 if non EQ'd performance isn't critical (looser interpretation of "Basically following the Harman curve")
  9. LightninBoy

    What’s wrong with this set up?

    Not sure you can get better than that. If you just care about listening to music with with transparent playback and don't want to make headphones a hobby - this probably nails it and you are done. That said, if you want to experiment with "different" (not necessarily better) you can add a good...
  10. LightninBoy

    What is the point of buying expensive headphones if you can just use an equalizer to get the same frequency response on cheap ones?

    IMO, The 3 fundamental things to look for in headphones are: 1. Comfort 2. Basically follows the Harman curve 3. Low distortion giving you headroom to EQ to taste You can get all 3 for less than $400. Sometimes much less.
  11. LightninBoy

    Help in deciding which between Yamaha HS8 and JBL mkII 308p

    I don't believe the Yamaha HS series is competitive. JBL, Adam, and Kali all have better options in their prices ranges. That said, of the HS series, the HS8 is the only one I would even consider. So I would definitely recommend the 308s with the following caveats ... * buy from a dealer with...
  12. LightninBoy

    Why Are Audiophiles so Bound and Determined to Make Others Waste Money

    This reminds me of an editorial I read in one of the audio mags many years back. An acquaintance who was totally new to audio had reached out to this editor to help him select the parts for a nice stereo system. It was relatively low budget - something around $1500 for the whole kit. The editor...
  13. LightninBoy

    Tascam TH-07 Review (Headphone)

    Get him the Meze 99 Noir for his next birthday/christmas. :-)
  14. LightninBoy

    Tascam TH-07 Review (Headphone)

    FYI ...
  15. LightninBoy

    Recommendations for Audio Interface Upgrade

    IMO we are already spoiled for interface options. The performance even in budget offerings is stunning.
  16. LightninBoy

    Revel M22 Speaker Review

    Welcome and great comment. Agree that these would be wasted as nearfields. They can get loud and power a room.
  17. LightninBoy

    Audio from PC - budget $500, very newbie

    I'm in the active camp, but if the OP preferred passive, this would be a nice system.
  18. LightninBoy

    Massdrop x Meze 99 Noir Review (Headphone)

    Phew thanks for clarifying. For me, "Amir loves bass" is an axiom right next to "A is A". I was beginning to question all of reality.
  19. LightninBoy

    Anybody producing/mixingmusic here? Need advice on Headphones/Interface/Setup...

    That's encouraging. IMO the best mixing application for headphones is to use them as a compliment to speaker monitoring by checking bass levels when the speaker/room monitoring has low frequency issues. That's why it always perplexes me when so many "hi-fi" and "professional" headphones have...
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