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  1. companyja

    Is a Focusrite Scarlett Solo & 2i2 (both 3rd gen) ADC/DAC stage identical?

    Heyo, I'm looking to get a basic interface for my guitar and microphone, the Solo is cheaper and has perfect inputs for my use case. I see the 2i2 measurements here, would the measurements be exactly the same for the Solo, and only inputs/available # of XLR inputs is different (plus separate...
  2. companyja

    Can output impedance be different for the same 3.5mm port if it's a combo HP/Line-out?

    Heyo, posted this on Reddit but this might be the more appropriate place. I'm temporarily using my Fiio X3 III as a DAC connected to my desktop since I sold my desktop dacamp, and because it has rather bad crosstalk figures and a high noise floor with sensitive IEMs, I tried putting it on...
  3. companyja

    Would SPDIF Optical Out from my motherboard's ALC892 be exactly the same as through my soundcard's?

    Hey guys, first post here, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section, I recently got a Fiio K5 Pro, I wanted a capable dac/amp mostly for future upgrades but it does drive my AKG K240 perfectly, I'm very happy with it. However, when used with USB, whenever my PC does something intensive like...
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