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  1. SJ777

    Spotify with DSP - all ideas welcome!!!

    The news that Spotify will be rolling out a lossless service this year has sent me on a "future proofing" quest. Currently I use Roon with Qobuz. I use Roon mainly because it allows for full DSP without the need to have my DACs physically connected to my PC. I use Raspberry Pi's as Roon bridges...
  2. SJ777

    Parametric EQ for headphones - what do shelf filters do?

    I've never used parametric eq before but, as Moode Audio has now incorporated a 12 band eq in its latest release, I thought I'd give it a try with my Sennheiser HD 600s. I looked at the Oratory 1990 list and started to input this into the Moode eq. The Moode eq doesn't have shelf filters...
  3. SJ777

    Foobar as UPnP renderer

    I've just installed Foobar on my Windows 10 PC to use solely as a UPnP renderer with Bubble UPnP. Basically I'm using it to stream Qobuz (I'm having a lot of trouble with the Qobuz native PC app). I have a very basic question. When my PC is displaying the lock screen, I can see what is...
  4. SJ777

    Do you listen to new music?

    Do you listen to new music? I notice a rich variety of posts on What are we listening to right now., but I was wondering if people on this forum listen to much new music? I'm really talking about "popular" music in its broadest musical sense (rock, pop, soul, country, folk etc.) that has been...
  5. SJ777

    A question about the benefits of one headphone amp over another

    My first post, so here goes! Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to all of you for this site. A couple of months ago I had problems with an old headphone amp and decided I'd change my set up. These days I only listen via headphones so was thinking about a new headphone amp to attach to my...
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