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  1. Timbo2

    Denon AVR-X3600H AV Receiver Review

    You can send them a note, but good luck with that. It's also available iOS so if you or a family member has an Apple device you could try that as well. Good luck!
  2. Timbo2

    ANIME.. Anyone?

    Way of the House Husband works ok for me with the stilted animation. The entertainment is the jokes. Also lots of word play that doesn’t translate, but they did their best.
  3. Timbo2

    ANIME.. Anyone?

    Usually there are a few shows a season that I think work for older audiences. But there is lots of repetitive stuff too. Similar to Hollywood's love of sequels. For example, I'm sure we are all waiting expectantly for yet another high school harem comedy this season. Oh wait... Osamake...
  4. Timbo2

    ANIME.. Anyone?

    Not usually a shounen anime person, but Jujutsu Kaisen really surprised me in a good way. My big surprise of this season is Shadows House. If you like gothic horror I can definitely recommend.
  5. Timbo2

    ANIME.. Anyone?

    +1 猫耳
  6. Timbo2

    Drop + THX Panda Review (headphone)

    Useful if one uses them for watching TV so as not to disturb. That said I've found any bluetooth has enough lag to annoy me. You can adjust for it in the settings, but I have adjust them back to my AVR after I'm done with the headphones. Too much of a pain to do regularly.
  7. Timbo2

    Allo Boss2 Review (Stereo Streamer)

    And if you aren't going to see it and don't need the expensive case you can save $50! (I'm also not suggesting that $50 for a decent aluminum case is unreasonable.)
  8. Timbo2

    Headphone Amp + DAC + EQ shelving

    Do you have a 3D printer, roughly 20 hours of machine time and about $15US worth of plastic? If so you might be interested in this. The design came from Thingiverse - . It was designed for IoT devices and home routers and switches and the like. For...
  9. Timbo2

    ANIME.. Anyone?

    Very interesting dystopian Sci-Fi setting and exploration of the concept of "the self" contained within run of the mill plotlines. OTH the lead voice actress Atsuko Tanaka has an awesome and rich voice. She's awesome.
  10. Timbo2

    JDS Labs - Subjective 3

    I find with my Sen 600 and 650 I get plenty of bass enhancement with the knob at about 2 o'clock without making things like vocals sound unnatural. I normally never touch the middle band unless I'm trying to clean up vocals on a specific track. Nice thing is that it is 2/3rds the price, but it...
  11. Timbo2

    JDS Labs - Subjective 3

    I don't have any experience with the Loki unfortunately. One thing that was important to me was that when the EQ is bypassed it is completely when not used. For the Subjective 3 the equalizer is mechanically switched (actually a relay I believe) by the front toggle switch in and out of the...
  12. Timbo2

    Adam T5V Review (Studio Monitor)

    Are you sure you want to recommend a product that may permanently damage your health? On the plus side I didn't see a Proposition 65 warning for our friends in CA!
  13. Timbo2

    Denon AVR-X3600H AV Receiver Review

    I'm confused why you'd want to do this. The amp that's already in the AVR likely has more and cleaner power. The main reason you'd use an external amplifier would be to significantly upgrade the internal amp and/or allow for more power for the other surround/center channels. Most of these...
  14. Timbo2

    Denon AVR-X4700 AVR Review (Updated)

    See my post here:
  15. Timbo2

    Denon AVR-X3600H AV Receiver Review

    I notice you are in Singapore. Maybe the reason I had the “fun” of the double upgrade is market specific. Good news is I haven’t noticed any issues after the update.
  16. Timbo2

    Denon AVR-X3600H AV Receiver Review

    A bit of good news for us owners of the AVR-3600H Denon & Marantz Firmware Update Adds DTS:X Pro & Key Audio Feature Back! Essentially Dolby now allows licensees to again allow "center spread" on 2 channels sources. I just tried it and like it on music, but not so much on dialogue. In my...
  17. Timbo2

    Ifi Zen Can....has this unit been measured here yet?

    Maybe I'm the odd usage case, but I much prefer the comfort of IEMs to over the ear. So in my case if I want to listen to my Topping D50s I'm going to need something to plug the IEMs into. Mind you I've also got a pair of Senn 600s and Senn 650s that I also use so the $99 JDS atom fits the...
  18. Timbo2

    Absolute Silence - Server Build & Turemetal UP10 Case Review

    Thanks for sharing! I also enjoyed seeing Domo-kun. In the old days pure passive rigs always risked motherboard component failures. I'll be curious how you make out long term. I've built one purely passive rig when it was much less common. I wasn't happy with temps and have had a low speed...
  19. Timbo2

    Denon AVR-X3600H AV Receiver Review

    Audyssey MultEQ Editor app - available on the playstore for Android or Apple's App store.
  20. Timbo2

    Chromecast (video) into hdmi extractor vs android otg vs raspberry pi all into dac for Spotify connect

    I have an Nvidia Shield that will allow you to attach a usb DAC of your choice. From memory I believe it upconverts everything it sends to it to 128kHz. It’s got RF remote, CEC, IR, and gives you ability to cast as well as run Android TV applications for most all streaming services.
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