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  1. keebz28

    EQ settings for Fostex T50rp Mk3 with Dekoni Velour Pads

    Hey all, I happen to purchase a new Fostex T50rp mk3 with Dekoni Elite Velour pads and wanted to setup a new PEQ for them. I have tried the Innerfidelity PEQ from AutoEQ repository but those are for stock pads, they are a bit harsh on the treble with stock pads and eq. I'll list stock settings...
  2. keebz28

    Ifi blue and volume level differences.

    Hey all, Lately something has been bugging me and I can't find a suitable reason or answer for the dilemma. I use ifi Zen Blue as a streamer dac connected to my Denon amp to play music over Bluetooth via an iPhone or an Amazon fire HD 10. I stream Amazon HD or Spotify through the Fire HD which...
  3. keebz28

    Upgrade suggestions from He4xx

    I am gifting my few months old Hifiman HE4xx to my sister who wants a proper headphone now that she’s interested in experiencing higher quality music. My dilemma is what should I get that’s better for myself with a budget of $300.
  4. keebz28

    Incorporate DAC with Integrated Amp.

    Hello all, I have a Topping E30 that I would like to incorporate into my stereo system setup. My current setup for stereo is as such Sony 5 Disc CD Player, Audio Technica LP-60 feeding into Denon PMA-600NE via RCA. The Denon amp has an onboard DAC that to me doesn't sound that great and feel...
  5. keebz28

    Variations in PEQ filters based on measurements

    I've been lately scouring through the repository of results that are hosted at AutoEQ on Github and have noticed that there are many variations of PEQ filters for a particular headphone measured by various individuals such as Oratory and etc. I also noticed in some instances the methodology and...
  6. keebz28

    Spotify Hi-Fi coming later this year?

    Spotify Hi-fi announcement Seems to me that Spotify is finally wading into the Hi-fi water's after promising the service few years back. Wonder how much of it is going to be real Hi-fi quality, or if it'll be hampered with some Ogg Vorbis version of Hifi codec.
  7. keebz28

    Is it 2nd Harmonics?

    Hey all, Basic setup to understand my question: Source: Mac OS, Amazon Music Amp: JDS Labs Atom (Primary), Fosi Audio Tube Amp (Secondary) Headphones: Hifiman HE4xx (EQ'd with Sound Source) I have been playing around with a vacuum tube amp lately for casual listening and seemed to have...
  8. keebz28

    SOLD: JDS Labs Atom Amp.

    Selling a barely used JDS Labs Atom Amp purchased in January. I have recently purchased a XDuoo MT-602 tube amp and enjoying that a lot more than the Atom Amp. It has few scratches on the top plastic case due to stacking a DAC on top. Does not come with company packaging since it was a small...
  9. keebz28

    I made new headphones

    Just throwing it out there if anybody interested in having their own DIY mod headphones. I used a pair of Monoprice Stageright studio monitor headphones as the shell and replaced the drivers with these 320 ohm headphone drivers. The sound quality on these drivers is a lot better than the 32 ohm...
  10. keebz28

    Most Beautiful Headphone designs

    Since I broached the topic of aesthetic fails for headphone designs in another thread, I thought I'd have some of our ASR members share some of their favorite "beautiful" designs of headphones. Form and function are a marriage of design, so shoot away with what you think is beautiful.
  11. keebz28

    Design Aesthetic fails!

    I came across GermanMaestro brand's GMP 8.35 headphones today on Drop. For lack of better words, the design aesthetic on the ear cups and headband screams cheap molded plastic and PVC from seeing the photos. They're probably decent sounding headphones but "Buzz, your girlfriend.. Woof"...
  12. keebz28

    Halp!! I have the itch to upgrade.

    The upgrade itch is back. I can’t decide what I want to upgrade or buy. I want to get a new turntable and or a set of headphones but can’t decide which is more needed. ‍:facepalm: Want to upgrade my turntable from Audio Technica AT-LP60 to a Fluance RT-81( plan to put my an Ortofon Cart on it...
  13. keebz28

    Need suggestion for small amp

    Hey folks, I've been looking exhaustively for a class d small footprint amp to pair my klipsch R51M to my LG tv. The LG has an optical out which I plan to use as a source to the amp. Big dilemma and obstacle i am running into is the small footprint i want and lack of optical input on many of the...
  14. keebz28

    Joining the tube rollers club.

    Hey y'all, Thought I'd dip my toes and fingers into the vacuum tube amplifiers club. Went and bought a Sabaj PHA3 tube headphone amplifier to start out with and test before jumping up the ladder (isn't that what most of us audiophiles do ;)). I also purchased a matched pair of Phillips NOS...
  15. keebz28

    Amplifier for Grado SR80 and Fidelio X2HR.

    edited for clarity.
  16. keebz28

    Amp recommendation for Klipsch R-51m

    Hey all, I was gifted a pair of Klipsch R-51m bookshelf speakers today for Christmas. I have a pair of floor standing speakers from the 70’s that are part of my primary setup and these Klipsch are not their replacement. The Klipsch just don’t have enough muscle to put out sound that comes from...
  17. keebz28

    Feel the need to upgrade phono preamp.

    Hey all, I've had the urge to upgrade my phono preamp (Art DJ Pre II) to something that sounds better and has better quality. I can't decide if I want to invest in a tube amp or a solid state that is compatible to MM and MC cartridges. I plan to upgrade my current Audio-technica LP60 to a...
  18. keebz28

    Dynamics Processor in AU Lab on Mac OS

    Hey guys, I was curious if any of you have used AU Lab software that is designed by Apple for setting up EQ. I happen to notice there is a Dynamics processor built into AU Lab and was curious if any one has actively used it while listening to music. I have been using it with the built in...
  19. keebz28

    Need help with replacing an OEM driver for speakers

    Hey all, I have a pair of old RTR G-200 speakers that are handed down to me by my father in law. They were in a bad shape when I got them and I was able to re-cone the drivers on them. The primary driver's are 10 inch and has 12 inch passive radiators on both speakers. Lately I have noticed the...
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