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    After joy Division & New Order ... what?

    Underworld and Leftfield.
  2. GDK

    Which should I upgrade? DAC? Speaker Amp?

    To use Audiolense, you need a measurement mic (preferably a calibrated one) like the miniDSP UMIK-1. If you don’t have one, most people around here would agree that it is a better investment than a new DAC. However, you have to pay for Audiolense. Room Equalization Wizard (REW) is free to use...
  3. GDK

    Amplifier SINAD list ASR + 3rd parties

    @Matias Thank you for all your effort in pulling this together. One small typo - in row 48 of the spreadsheet, you have it labelled as the Accuphase M-2000 (same as the row above), but I believe that measurement is for the Schiit Aegir.
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    The Truth Pre Amp Review

    This may be the very definition of damning with faint praise...
  5. GDK

    Magico A5 spinorama (CEA2034)

    @John Atkinson measured these in the latest edition of Stereophile (not yet available on-line), and his anechoic measurements look similar to those above. As expected, the treble fall-off was even more accentuated with his in-room measurements.
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    For 2), there is a good guide on how to get started on the Roon forum: There is also Amir’s unfinished masterpiece, the first two chapters of which are here...
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    Klipsch The Three Review (Powered Speaker)

    If anyone is looking for some great retro decoration a, um, “friend” might have one for sale. Free delivery in Toronto...
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    Hifiman Sundara Review (headphone)

    I honestly could not tell a difference between the previous Oratory1990 EQ (based on the revised Sundara pads) and the revised one. Although I don’t agree with the burn-in suggestions, @Ezees is right in terms of trying a few options, experimenting, and finding what works best for you.
  9. GDK

    Hifiman Sundara Review (headphone)

    I use Oratory’s EQ with my Sundaras and I think it makes a huge (positive) difference. I would never listen to them without it.
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    MQA - "I'm not quite dead yet..."

    Wouldn’t it be funny (maybe not haha funny) if loyalty to MQA is actually what saves Tidal (and therefore, likely Roon) against the onslaught of larger, better capitalized competitors.
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    Need advice for upgrading current DAC.

    A bit of google research came up with these names, however I have no experience with either and therefore cannot recommend. Please do your own due diligence:
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    Did You Actually Buy a New Disc Recently?

    I have a friend that owns a record store that I have been trying to support recently (sadly, the store has not survived our latest Covid lockdown here). The one thing that shocked me was how many albums were no longer available on CD any more. Like the Talking Heads back catalogue, for example...
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    SUB + Stereo System

    Perhaps, although both Accuphase and McIntosh (to choose two) offer room correction and crossover systems. So perhaps it’s more about their desire to sell you some more super-expensive boxes.
  14. GDK

    The audiophile mindset

    Hoffman forum, I assume.
  15. GDK

    The audiophile mindset

    Aka being at the peak of Mount Stupid
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    SUB + Stereo System

    I have done that in the past, with my RME ADI-2 DAC. You need something ahead of the cross-over to control the volume, otherwise the subs and mains will not be at the same relative volume. However, then your Hegel effectively becomes a power amp. I would try what @Beershaun is suggesting, in...
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    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    You may not have the Line Out enabled then in the settings, but that is definitely how you switch between the outputs.
  18. GDK

    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    Push it in. It switches between outputs.
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    REW First Timer

    Do your speakers sound bright at all? According to the measurements, they look like they would, but that could possibly be a result of the lack of mic calibration. I would probably try to run the measurements with the EMM-6 and compare the two. I doubt that the interface would have that much...
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