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  1. artburda

    Issues when recording optical s/pdif output from windows and macOS laptops

    I noticed that the Sony PCM-D100 records digital input via toslink from my asus n56vz as well as my macbook pro (late 2013) only in 16 bit but always with the correct sampling rate, just not in 24 bit when the source file is in 24 bit. I read on a RME forum that the issue is caused by the...
  2. artburda

    Austrian Audio Hi-X65 open-back announced

    Austrian Audio is releasing a new Headphone:
  3. artburda

    Field Recorder Comparison Sony PCM-D100 vs Olympus LS-11 (vs Motu M4)

    I recently treated myself with a Sony PCM-D100. The price was just too good. Here is a quick ADC Line In comparison with my Olympus LS-11. The measurements were done in REW V5.20 RC8b with a Motu M4 using the unbalanced monitor output (Output 1 RCA) which was connected to the Topping L30 so...
  4. artburda

    Should I get a new Sony PCM-D100 for around $550?

    EDIT: I posted in the wrong forum, the PCM-D100 has no interface functionality. I could get a new Sony PCM-D100 for 509 Swiss Francs (USD 550). I already have an Olympus LS-11, which works fine. The use case number 1 would be to record interviews for analyzing business processes. I know that...
  5. artburda

    Headphone Amp Channel Balance ABX Test

    I wanted to find out if I can hear a channel imbalance of 0.5 db and 0.25 db when listening with headphones. In order to simulate a channel imbalance I recorded some sounds with a mono microphone, duplicated the track in audacity and exported it with identical left and right channels, +0.25 db...
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