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  1. TimVG

    Big 2-way - cardoid

    Just trying out some stuff with some scrap wood as due to the covid situation, all of my hobbies are gone for the time being and I need something to do. Parts: XT1664 horn and 18Sound NSD1480N, Faitalpro 15FH500 Midrange/bass cabinet: Top cabinet Naturally, I put in a quick...
  2. TimVG

    Upcoming Tom Danley Hifi speakers
  3. TimVG

    1.4" compression drivers - suggestions

    Feeling the urge to build something around the XT1464 horn from 18 sound. Been looking out for a good "bang for the buck" 1.4" driver - but there's a lot of choice (forest, trees). Anyone care to steer me a bit? I've found a pair of Radian 835 not too far from me for €400.. Thoughts? Thanks guys.
  4. TimVG

    The difference between good and great

    I've been pondering over this question for a while now Being quite familiar (for a person without a background in audio from a technical pov) with the known research, obviously we want to tick all the boxes. Neutral direct sound, excellent directivity properties, lack of resonances, lack of...
  5. TimVG

    Genelec G2 (8020) measurements

    The Genelec G2 is the home equivalent of the 8020. Acoustically there is no difference. It is a ver compact 2-way model with a 4" woofer. On first glance the axial response is not perfect. Subjectively I don't believe these flaws are very audible. Compared directly in a large room to the...
  6. TimVG

    Genelec 1032A Measurements (including spinorama)

    Today I performed measurements of the Genelec 1032A speaker. This is a model dating back to 1992, and it is the largest 2-way model made by Genelec. It is also the model I'm using as LCR in my small home theater room. The most recent version is the 1032C so in a way, despite it being a 28 year...
  7. TimVG

    Requesting assistance in producing a spinorama

    Hi everyone I'll be performing some measurements today, is there anyone who could help me process my 72 measurements (.mdat) into a spinorama? I don't have the software to give the proper weighting to each measurement to produce the right curves. Thanks!
  8. TimVG

    Powerline network interference noise

    Hi Guys I've been playing around with some Genelec 1032A speakers, an older model which is still available in a newer iteration. Anyhow, due to circumstances I have 4 network-over-powerline adapters installed in my house as we need both WiFi and wired network at certain points in the house...
  9. TimVG

    Equalizing loudspeakers based on anechoic measurements (community project)

    Hi Guys (& gals?) Since there's been some discussion about how the different anechoic curves affect listener preference I'm going to attempt to gather some people here who own loudspeakers that have been tested here on ASR. The goal of the test is simple. We're going to experiment with...
  10. TimVG

    FS (Europe): Neumann KH80 (pair) and Genelec G2 (pair) - SOLD

    Hi Guys 2 fine pair of small monitors for sale, all in working order and in excellent overall condition. Come with original boxes, power cables and carrying case (G2 only). Reason for sale: simply not using these anymore. Apart from a measurement session they've been in storage. Will post...
  11. TimVG

    Is mono testing biased under certain conditions?

    I've been wondering about this for a while now. Many of you probably have read the results of the test organised by John Schuermann - comparing the Revel Salon2 vs the JBL M2, which is what first made me wonder about this. Both of these loudspeakers are what can be considered excellent...
  12. TimVG

    Subjective comparison of the Neumann KH80DSP and the Revel F206 (David vs Goliath)

    This evening I was able to compare these two speakers in my home. While vastly different, they are designed with the same scientific principles in mind - and so with a little bass management, it proved to be a fun little test. The F206 are my mains in my home theater FYI. Since I have no...
  13. TimVG

    My loudspeaker measurements (work in progress)

    I'll be doing some loudspeaker measurements as time allows The speakers are raised so that the acoustical axis about 2m from the ground (room as a height of 4m) - first lateral reflections are 4m away. The measurements are made quite close at 50cm - but I take care in finding the acoustical...
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