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  1. Racheski

    Cleaning Headphones with Air

    I have a fairly powerful air duster that I would like to use to clean my HD800S. Any concerns I should have about doing this? (The device blows air out only).
  2. Racheski

    All Aboard the FiiO K9 Pro Hype Train

    It is time to hype another upcoming product and inevitably be slightly disappointed. The FiiO K9 Pro is a flagship desktop all in one DAC/Amp that has the potential to be an endgame device, if it's priced affordably. From Head-Fi SPEC: 1,Linear power supply, supports 115V/230V power supply. 2...
  3. Racheski

    New Soncoz Headphone Amp coming soon?

    Somebody on Drop posted these. Appears to be fully balanced with a digital display.
  4. Racheski

    Help me spend Drop reward points

    I pre-ordered the HD8XX and now have $200 in Drop reward points to dispose of, but I'm really not sure what I should spend them on. Here are some initial thoughts I had... Do nothing until the HD8XX arrives in November. I already have the HD800S and plan to keep the one I prefer. If I end...
  5. Racheski

    Schiit Magnius - New Balanced Headphone Amp/Pre Amp
  6. Racheski

    An ASR-Friendly YouTube Reviewer

    I stumbled on a channel named "Wheezy Reviews" and watched his review on the JDS Atom Amp/DAC stack, and his comments about how the stack sounds seem to align with how the majority of ASR members evaluate DACs and Amps. With all of the absurd hype and bs subjectivism on YouTube, this is a...
  7. Racheski

    Knock-Off Hifi Products

    Recently featured a knock-off version of the SP200 from F.Audio named the AM01. I also stumbled across an eBay listing for the Aimpire AD10 DAC which looks exactly the same as the Topping D10. Is this is a knock-off? I believe it would be useful for this thread to keep a running...
  8. Racheski

    Monolith by Monoprice Liquid Platinum Balanced DAC by Alex Cavalli (AKM4499)

    Looks like its coming out later this year. Anyone hear anything about it?
  9. Racheski

    Solder Info for DIY Headphone Cables

    I am a purchasing equipment to make DIY Headphone Cables for a HD800s, and it would be great if the community could check the soldering materials & equipment I plan to purchase. I read through these posts on the forum:
  10. Racheski

    SOLD Massdrop Focal Elex

    I need to justify my recent purchase of the HD800s, so the Elex are on their way out. They sound great, but I found the cups to be heavy on my ears and uncomfortable with my relatively small head, but many others find them comfortable so YMMV. Price: $535 via Paypal, excluding shipping. I'll...
  11. Racheski

    All About Daft Punk

    I love Daft Punk, so I'm starting a thread about them. Feel free to post: Favorite Songs/Albums Rare recordings What is the best set up for listening to them? Concert Experience I was hooked after I listened to Discovery, but I wonder if audiophiles know them better for the Tron Legacy...
  12. Racheski

    Why do pots have channel imbalances at low volumes?

    This is a question carried over from the L30 thread.
  13. Racheski

    Question about XLR connections with passive speakers and AVRs

    Why don’t passive speakers and AVRs use XLR connections instead of binding posts? For long speaker wire runs, is noise not an issue?
  14. Racheski

    Help buying HD800S! Need someone who speaks German!

    Can someone who speaks German let me know if its possible to buy the HD800S off this website and ship to the US? If you help me make this happen there will definitely be a reward.
  15. Racheski

    PC Part Picker for DACs, AMPs, and Headphones...

    If this doesn't exist already it should - has anyone thought of this or attempted it before? This would really help consumers, especially folks new to the scene. PC Part Picker provides several main benefits that should translate to headphone set-ups: 1) Checklist of items to purchase. DAC...
  16. Racheski

    Does this site selling RME products look legit?

    RME Shop You can get a brand new ADI-2 DAC FS (v2) shipped to the US for $946 if you sign up as a “friend of RME” which is super easy to do. This is a $200 discount compared to the MSRP of $1,149.
  17. Racheski

    Repairing broken JDS Labs Element I DAC/Amp

    Several years ago I purchased a used JDS Labs Element Mk I DAC/Amp, unfortunately after a recent move it stopped powering on. Any thoughts on popping the hood and trying to fix the internals? I would definitely need some technical assistance on what to look for and repair, but maybe it would be...
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