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    Favorite Drummers

    I recently dicovered dimsunk on youtube. Great feel groove drummer. This is all you need.
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    HD600 vs HD650

    I had both and sold the 650. The 600 had a more accurate, cleaner mid bass. With acoustic and orchestral music I would hear the slight bloat, and could not unhear it after noticing the pattern across recordings. In the end either phone is excellent compared to most that is out there.
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    Why Aren't There Female Audiophiles?

    Constructs, patriarchy, historical lines of inquiry, are idealogue words and phrases, and rather quaint ones at that. So much of this pure social constructionist stuff has been out of date in the literature for two generations, but gets confirmed and regurgitated to cynically capture policitical...
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    Sennheiser HD600 Review (Headphone)

    These measurements are how I heard these phones when I had them. Amir's show them more similar. At least with the iterations I had the 600 was better, in terms of accuracy, and the 650 a little soupy.
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    What's the deal with mid-tier closed headphones?

    Open, and the low end doesn't track the Harman.
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    Objectivist friendly and wallet friendly IEM?

    You mean the Spaceship? The frequency graph looks quite good on it; I had an older model, the brass ones -- I forget the name -- and they were very good. The Spaceship is an improved version I gather.
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    Headphones for Classical Music

    Senn600 and 560s, Ety 4sr, and 2se. All top notch and cheapish. You need to eq the treble some on the 560, and this puts it past the 600. I haven't decided if it beats the Etys -- further listening required. Probably not.
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    Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier Review

    Mine got shipped out 3 days ago, so at least it is on its way.
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    Objectivist friendly and wallet friendly IEM?

    John, you think the 4sr is better than the 2se? I have both and I listen to the 2se more but perhaps the 4sr is technically better in measurements? I figure the lower distortion of the 2se makes them equivalent overall.
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    Fear of Music

    I fear Autotune.
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    Harman preference curve for headphones - am I the only one that doesn't like this curve?

    I find the Ety graph accurate when using classical/acoustic music and raw tracks. I understand Harman as a preference, I just do not ear it as true to source. I was on an iem kick a while back and bought a few that tracked the Harman and thought all were pretty off.
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    Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier Review

    Will the revisions change the measurements -- will I be getting the same amp?
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    Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier Review

    Just got word Shenzhenaudio is sending me a replacement. I do not have to ship the problem unit back.
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    Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier Review

    Nobel Laureates Mmmurica 390 Italy 20
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    Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier Review

    I am surprised everyone is so sanguine about this, the potential for ear damage ( I have the bad serial number). My Dx3pro had problems too. That makes 2 of 3 Toppings product for me that have not worked out. I am afraid I am done with the company. Good thing I kept my Atom, which I just set up...
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    Topping A90 +D50s - first not happy, now happy

    Your set up shows what the recordings really are, and the1990 has quite a spike in the treble as well. The 650 is smooth though. Yes eq is your friend.
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    What headphones would you like Amir to measure next?

    Yeah I thought the M50 were just weird sounding, and could not understand why they got recommended. I actually wondered if mine were defective.
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    Is there a collection of all of Richter's Beethoven?

    His Beethoven seems to be scattered among different labels and mixed with other composers. I just listened to a live performance of the Hammerklavier and well, holy heck.....incredible. Better than Gilels for me and his was my favorite for the longest time.
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    Robots that dance better than me? Sad to say, yes!

    They aren't going to do the robot dance? Too meta I guess.
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    Sennheiser HD650 Review (Headphone)

    I think the 600 is a little better than this one for natural response, stock. Both tried and true phones though. I am surprised Amirm did not eq shave some of the upper bass since it makes the sound overthick to me.
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