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  1. Martin

    Anyone Else Buying New Vinyl?

    I have recently purchased several new vinyl releases. I like that with vinyl I will take the time to sit down and listen to whole albums while reading through liner notes and lyrics. I tend to jump around when listening to digital. My recent purchases: Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever (ships...
  2. Martin

    Deaf Audiophile

    They had me going until the 3:25 mark then the story lost all credibility: Martin PS: I found the link on Audiocircle (of course)
  3. Martin

    SOLD: Topping D50 DAC $100

    Topping D50 DAC. Comes in original box with USB data cable, USB power cable and at my asking price I'll include a Jameco 120V 60Hz power supply. Works perfectly but the OLED suffers from burn-in (see photo). Rated 6/10 for age and burn-in. $100 with free insured shipping the contiguous US...
  4. Martin

    SOLD: Project Polaris Headphone Amp $120 Project Polaris headphone amplifier and preamplifer. Comes with a MeanWell 100-240V 50/60Hz power supply. Works perfectly. Rated 8/10 for age only. This was originally sold as a completed unit and not DIY. $120 with free insured shipping within the contiguous US. Only selling...
  5. Martin

    DAC / Headphone Amp / Preamp All-In-Ones

    I own a Topping DX7 Pro DAC / Headphone Amp combo. I listen to both digital music via USB from a piCorePlayer installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 and analog LPs via XLR from a Pro-Ject Phono Box RS. I listen using Audeze LCD-3 headphones and a preamplifier and amplifiers through my Von Schweikert VR4...
  6. Martin

    SOLD: HEDD HEDDphone New in Open Box

    SOLD I bought these for my My Objective/Subjective Comparison of Three Popular High-End Headphones plus a Newcomer. They were the newcomer. They are in as new condition; I only used them for the above comparison. They have less than 10 hours use in total. They are magnificent sounding...
  7. Martin

    SOLD: Intel NUC10i3FNK Mini PC $300

    Intel NUC mini PC BXNUC10i3FNK1 Intel Core i3-10110U Processor (4M Cache, up to 4.10 GHz) G.Skill 8GB DDR4 2666 Memory Silicon Power 256GB M.2 NVMe SSD Windows 10 installed (not activated) Tiny: 117mm x 112mm x 38mm (4.6" x 4.4" x 1.5") See Intel website for more information. Includes everything...
  8. Martin

    My Problem With Inexpensive Electronics

    Topping makes amps and DACS with SOTA measurements, no argument there. What I have issue with is that the engineering and reliability of the components seem suspect. And when you contact Topping their standard response is to send the unit back to China for repair. I own a D50 with burn in so...
  9. Martin

    New Gustard Twin Shootout: A18 (AK4499) vs X16 (ES9068AS)

    I like putting together these comparisons to provide a side-by-side view of two similar products. My first was a shootout between DAC chips, AK4499 vs ES9038Pro, both in Gustard units. My second was a shootout between AK4499 implementations, Topping vs. Gustard. This is my third and a shootout...
  10. Martin

    SOLD: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ $40 (firm)

    SOLD Raspberry Pi 3 B+, official Raspberry Pi 5V 2.5A power supply and official Raspberry Pi 3 case. Was $69 new, sell for $40 including USPS Priority Mail sipping in the US. Works great as a Volumio server or to run piCorePlayer. Sale includes a 16GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card with...
  11. Martin

    New Devialet Earbuds They’re $300 and packed with a lot of technology and marketing claims. But Devialet has delivered on past claims and seem to produce solidly engineered products. Should be interesting. Martin
  12. Martin

    Onkyo and Pioneer Ink Licensing Agreement with Dirac Research This should be interesting... I've always like Pioneer Elite receivers. Here's hoping they can do a good job engineering a Dirac capable receiver while not breaking the bank. Martin
  13. Martin

    SOLD: DAART Yulong Aquila II DAC/Headphone Amp Combo - $640

    SOLD!!! It is the unit Amir tested: The pictues in his review are of the unit for sale. It is 100% new and unused except for Amir's testing. As you can see it is an excellent...
  14. Martin

    AK4499 Shootout: Topping D90 vs Gustard A18

    I like putting together these comparisons to provide a side-by-side view of two similar products. My first was a shootout between DAC chips, AK4499 vs ES9038Pro, both in Gustard units. This is my second and a shootout between two different implementations of the AK4499 chip, one by Topping and...
  15. Martin

    10 Year Old Drummer Challenges Dave Grohl to a Drum Off

    Challenge: Accepted: Owned: She is utterly amazing... Martin
  16. Martin

    Loxjie P20 Subjective Review

    I purchased a red Loxjie P20 because I like the way it looks and could not pass up the opportunity to buy a balanced tube headphone amplifier for $100. (My wife says it’s cute.) I bought it from Hi-Fi Express and it took a full month to arrive. They never provided a tracking number and did not...
  17. Martin

    Noise Nuke for SMPS

    I found this thread and it looks like this noise nuke device cleans up power from "dirty" switching mode power supplies. Is there any advantage to doing so? I.e., does the device using the SMPS' "dirty power" have the wherewithal to clean up the power. Or is building and using a noise nuke worth...
  18. Martin

    Show Us Your Headphone Stand

    What are you all using for a headphone stand when your headphones are not in use? Show us a picture... I'm looking for a headphone stand that will not deform the fit or pads of my headphones. (Audeze LCD-3 and Focal Clear) Thanks, Martin
  19. Martin

    Amplifier Power Specs

    Why do headphone amplifier makers publish power specs at different loads? Some examples using balanced input/balanced output figures: Topping A90: 2000mW (32Ω) / 320mW (300Ω) Benchmark HPA4: 6W (16Ω) Geshelli Erish: 1W (32Ω) Monolith THX 887: 8800mw (16Ω) / 6000mW (32Ω) / 700mW (300Ω) / 350mW...
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