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    Most important channel and speakers in Home Theater

    What’s most important for HT, center, fronts, or the rest? The reason I post this, I think center is by far the most important channel and speaker, imo. Would like to here opinions on this. if so, would love to see Amir measure and compile some center channel measurements.
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    AirPlay1 and AirPlay2 vs direct HDMI input measurements

    A bit of background. I recently changed my sublime (to me) 2-channel active setup. Bought new speakers and amp. Now, I had my heavily moded Klipsch with ScanSpeak 12mu midrange, instead of the horn, and TAD / Pioneer beryllium ribbon tweeters, left to upgrade my theater mains. Long story short...
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    KEF R3, in this case R11 midrange flare vs frequency response

    I apologize to create this new thread about this. There has been information and measurements that showed KEF R3 1.3Khz dip was caused by the plastic flare not being flush or pushed in to place. I just wanted to show how too much, may be not a good thing, even though he or she may disagree...
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    KEF R11 quick measurements single vs bi-amp

    Just wanted to share some measurements I got from my new KEF R11s. mic at 1 meter in room with all reflections active. REW measurements, MacBook to Mytek DAC+ to McIntosh MC462 vs. to Wyred4Sound (W4S) ST1000 (ICE 1000ASP) low (RCA) + MC462 HF (XLR) bi-amp. Using XLR out to the Mc and single...
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    Why are speakers measured at 1 meter?

    I’m sorry to post this as a separate thread. But I think there may be many like myself, who wonder why speakers are specked at a meter distance. I also want to say that I am not in any way close to engineering, so excuse me. First, I understand that if we have a single driver or a book shelf...
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    Help with room placement and possible treatments / mods

    A bit of background. I recently decided or, in truth, decided by the boss that I needed to move my giant stereo set up from our formal living room. Don’t judge the boss yet. I had huge modified Klipsch RF7s in the room set up actively, imagine the number of components and wires. After 9 years...
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    FS: MiniDSP DDRC-88A Dirac Live DSP 8in/8out

    I’m am selling my MiniDSP DDRC-88A unit with DDRC-88BM bass management plug-in option. This the exact same unit Amir tested on ASR. This unit has only been used for testing and is...
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    Just scored: bought a pair of PSB Synchrony One towers

    I just bought PSB Synchrony One speakers that I had been eyeing for more than a decade. Paid 2k. I think these guys will give Revel Salon 2 run for the money. At least based on objective performance, which I am a fan of. Can’t wait to open’em up and start listening and testing...
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    Fixed my tweeter, beyond happy

    Today was one of those gratifying days. I was doing some measurements, specifically looking at the tweeter output of my active speakers. Noticed my left channel had distortion way higher than the right channel (see graphs below). What the heck! So I got these vintage Pioneer / TAD beryllium...
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    Are speakers the Achilles heal in sound reproduction?

    We all love the -120db SINAD DACs, but it seems that loudspeakers are the limiting factor in terms of sound reproduction. I was once told that your speakers were the most important component that would determine what your ears hear (coloration, distortion, etc) With that said, I am glad to...
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    Could this be the ultimate AV processor set up?

    Amir’s recent measurements have shown that most AV processors suck sonically, in terms of noise and distortion. I was thinking of ways one can separate the sound decoding/processing from the DAC itself. I came across the Storm Audio ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Digital AES Edition preamp/processor. This...
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    MiniDSP DDRC-88A / 88BM Dirac Series vs Marchand Electronics XM44 3-way crossover noise measurements

    First, want to apologize if I am posting in the wrong thread. In my previous thread, where I was comparing Matrix Sabre DAC to Mytek DAC+, there was a suggestion that MiniDSP can replace and likely perform better than the analog active crossover I had from Marchand. I couldn’t resist and pulled...
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    DAC output voltage / level and distortion

    This may be a naive observation or question, but reading reviews of many dacs tested in this site, it strikes me that many of them perform better when their output is set less than the max, or zero gain. Some of them start distorting really bad at 0db gain, like the Mytek Brooklyn. I would...
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    Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro MQA vs Mytek Brooklyn DAC+

    I was really excited to get this DAC, with high expectations. The DAC came yesterday. Nicely packed, and the unit itself is really nice in terms of build quality and aesthetics. Now the performance. I little background first. I am running active speakers. They are modified Klipsch RF7IIs, with...
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