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    Portable box lifting device?

    I have physical issues. Trying to lift boxes up to trunk height. I need something that can lift a medium-large cardboard box weighing between 40 to 65 pounds from ground to waist level. It needs to be portable or as much as feasible. So a light weight device is really helpful (think 20 pounds or...
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    Suggestions for outdoor (rain) fan, power strip, and extension cord

    Hi all, I'm trying to do an outdoor (waterproof) fan that can weather the rain elements on the patio. Key thing is I'm trying to keep costs down and IT HAS TO BE LEFT OUT IN THE RAIN. So ideally about 60 bucks. but I can stretch it upwards a bit. The size of a regular 20" box fan would do. Can...
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    Dark Wallpaper for OLED TV's

    I'm trying to find some dark wallpaper for my 65 inch 4k OLED which I use as my Windows machine. Currently I have it cycling with some dark wallpaper, but have had trouble finding a good variety. The darker it is with some minor light to contrast is what I'm looking for. Eg: stars at night...
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    Looking for information on Rogue Acoustic bass 508150a-trblk

    I was told the guitar was made in the late 90's and it's stamped made in Korea model 508150a-trblk. But to my surprise I could find no information about it on the internet. It sounds quite nice to me. I'm interested in knowing what wood it's made out of, whether it is solid or laminate, and the...
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    Schitt Sol Turntable

    It's been released. Curious as to other's thoughts. It appears to be a turntable that requires a lot of setup so I'm out of the running there. Though I own a turntable, I am not familiar with the adjustments outlined in their video...
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    How do headphone amplifiers differ from speaker amps?

    What I'm really trying to ask is how do headphone amplifiers get their noise levels down to power very sensitive headphones? Is it a simple thing like a resistor or is it more complex like very high performance parts?
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    Increase impedance of headphones as seen by amp

    I am using the Emotiva A-100 amp in direct drive mode. Its stock mode has two dropping resistors of 3 watts that reduce the power of the amps output and increases its impedance to 220 ohms. I prefer the sound of the amp when it is in direct drive mode without these resistors. My Sennheiser HD...
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    Telescope advice

    Hi all, I'm looking for help buying a BUDGET telescope. Not looking for something fancy. Main goal is to look at the moon. Also would be nice to see some of the planets like perhaps Saturn or mars, maybe. Ideally it would be between $60-80. But I can swing as much as $100. Also it has to be...
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    A way to record a USB digital audio signal?

    On the Emotiva forums, we've had a discussion regarding the Microrendu. The people that have used it have reported a better sound. The confusion is how can something that measures at best identical sound different especially considering its a digital stream. Some have mentioned the MR may be...
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    Kind Reel to Reel owner willing to help?

    @watchnerd and whoever else may be interested..... I have a conundrum. I hope to come in to possession of an ancient Reel to reel tape of my wife's great grandmother doing a piano recital. Unsure of what era this was but it is very old. This tape and recording was made between 1920 to 1950 is...
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    Help with biwiring logic

    I was sent this link about biwiring. In it they show some spectacular results in what appears to be multiple test tones simply using biwiring. However both the test results and the wording appear very suspect. I'm seeing massive differences in measured results when I don't think such a thing...
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    DAC info on tda1541a ? (Rotel RCD955AX )

    Hi all, Does anyone have info on what kind of DAC this is? It is a Rotel RCD 955AX that I think uses a TDA 1541a. I can't make sense of the description sheet. Is this a multibit R2R DAC like a PCM 63? This is what I got: @restorer-john
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    Stereo analog input for iphone device

    I use stereo microphones to record. And for the longest time I've been trying to find out how to get it in to my iphone so I could record the video with stereo audio. So far I have succeeded with getting a mono channel. And it sounds great! I did it by using this cable...
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    PCM61P DAC chip info requested from a Dennon DCD-660

    I'm trying to figure out if this is a true multibit dac or a delta sigma dac? Burr Brown PCM61P Context it's from a Denon DCD 660 which says it's a " 20-Bit 8x Oversampling DAC" which I think refers to the oversampling filter. DAC is a "Serial Input 18-Bit Monolithic Audio DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG...
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    Height channels for music recordings?

    This has been something of long interest to me. And that is the lack of height channels for stereo music. What advantage would that bring? And I don't mean close miced mono recordings mixed together on a virtual soundstage. I mean actual stereo recordings of an acoustic space. It leaves us to...
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    Dedicated PCI/PCIE digital audio transport

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I was wondering if y'all would be able to assist me. I've been searching for a long time and I simply cannot find what I'm looking for. I have several inputs on my DC-1 DAC. One is BNC and the other is AES. I am a 2 channel purist and I try to buy...
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