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    bass control in living room

    Hi, I am starting to look at doing some room treatment to hopefully get my bass control a little bit under control and improve some reflections. I am currently in the process of making some absorbers for the first reflection points so all that remains is to get a bit of a strategy regarding the...
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    TIDAL Chromecast to CXN v2

    Excuse my ignorance here but a quick question I may, When doing the following ..Tidal app on iPad - chromecast to Cambridge CXN V2 which has chromecast built in, does the stream go direct to the CXN or does it go to the iPad first then over the Wifi network to the CXN? in other words does the...
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    newbie help with streamer selection and hoot

    Hi guys, joined up today as I have been searching around the internet quite a bit just recently regarding getting into streaming etc and this site crops top a lot and the info and technical knowledge seems to be very good here. hopefully a few of you can kick me in the right direction although I...
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