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    Issues with channels playing (xbox and Marantz 8802a) Atmos or All Channel stereo

    I have 2 issues that I have never resolved. I'm running 7.4.2 right now my Marantz amp assign is set to "atmos" with the proper configuration: (I had the same issue when I was only running 7.2) 1) My Xbox One S still wont play the 2 rear channels when listening to music in Atmos a) Xbox is...
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    Marantz 8802a issue with rear right channel

    I recently moved and put my theater back together with some upgrades. I remember having issues with my right rear channel in the old place but figured it was either a blown Polk or cabling may just have been an issue in the walls (I put it in 15 years ago). But in this new space (not as...
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