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  1. ezra_s

    Resonance Experiment

    I came across this video about how resonances make patterns. Had never seen it so I'm quite impressed. Hope you like it. Amazing Resonance Experiment! - YouTube
  2. ezra_s

    Weezer New Album "Ok Human"

    Just noticed on Qobuz Weezer has just released a new album. They are adding "orchesta instruments" too to the songs. Enjoying it much so far! And for those fanatics about high-res , qobuz version sounds great to me and it is 24 bits 192khz.
  3. ezra_s

    What If want add my LP player to a pure digital setup.

    I know it may not make too much sense but bear with me a little. So, I have: * RME ADI-2 DAC preamp/DAC (3 digital inputs, toslink, coaxial, usb) (2 analog outputs, XLR and RCA) * Behringer a800 amp (until I am richer) - xlr in * SB-1000 subwoofer - rca in * Pi with picoreplayer - toslink *...
  4. ezra_s

    Curious to know your ROON hardware

    I am quite happy for now with my rasberry pi3 with digi hat for streaming (the pi4 I mentioned originally by mistake acts as a nas with a usb3 hdd plugged and a few other things since pi4 is such a little beast), but I am seeing everyone and their mother talks wonders about Roon in here so I'm...
  5. ezra_s

    Help a newbie taking measurements, save the kittens!

    After the catchy claimer.. So, I got my umik-1, and also a subwoofer (SVS-SB1000), the sound is good to me, improvements can always be made I guess. Now I want to measure my room for the overall thing, that is Buchard S400 + subwoofer. Now, do I measure with sub on or without and then measure...
  6. ezra_s

    1 Subwoffer for a small room

    So, I'm thinking on getting a sub for my room as my self-given birthday present. My room is small, and my budget is limited so I want to buy a good subwoofer which can go as low as 20hz or so if possible, it probably will be the only one I may be able to buy in a long while, so I better do it...
  7. ezra_s

    Songs you use to determine if a system sounds good

    I recall when I got my last speakers, one of the first songs I used to compare with the old ones was: "You Make my Dreams" by Hall & Oates. When I first heared in the new speakers, the beats sounded muffled, the voice uninspiring and everything sounded really flat, and didn't make me chill...
  8. ezra_s

    Do speakers change all that much after 100 hours of 'burn-in'?

    I just found this video of "The audiophiliac" and Andrew Jones explaining scientifically what this "break-in" thing is. Seems it is still out of the oven (just published)
  9. ezra_s

    Today I listened to this song and I am almost in tears

    The song in question: "Echoes" by Rodrigo y Gabriela from their album "Mettavolution" from tidal: --- Like many I am working from home, so I usually open the streaming app and select a calm playlist, today I selected accoustic guitar playlist. Gosh...
  10. ezra_s

    Music Hall A35.2

    Asking for a friend...;) Has anyone tried this integrated amplifier? Music Hall A35.2 I find it around 800€ in europe and it seems to have nice specs: Maximal power output (no distortion): 85W/8 , 125W/4 Minimal impedance: 160W/2ohm S/N: 100dB Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 30KHz 0.5dB...
  11. ezra_s

    Wrong redirect in this forum

    There is an incorrect "html meta" redirect you guys probably want to fix: $ curl <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html lang="en-US"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta http-equiv="refresh"...
  12. ezra_s

    Is there a way to disable the "Select text" and reply feature?

    Is there a way to disable the "Select text" and reply feature? I usually read selecting, it's one of those habits that grew on me without ever realizing and I can't get rid of because I do it unconsciously . Thing is most times I am reading a long post from someone my hand picks the mouse and...
  13. ezra_s

    Looking for streamer, help!? [WENT for DIY!? with PI3 + PICOREPLAYER]

    Hello, I am looking for a streamer with ethernet/wifi, good app interface to control it, which can do Tidal/Qobuz, in its highest resolutions and don't want to spend much If I don't have to since it is going to be plugged to a RME ADI-2 DAC through optical, so I don't need it to have a great...
  14. ezra_s


    I just subscribed after a while coming and going to these forums. I am not much into subscribing to forums but spending hours reading a specific controversial thread here convicend me I should stick around in a more "official" way. Not sure I can bring anything interesting here because like...
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