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    Revel M12 opinions?

    In a lot of my hobbies it seems like you can find a lot of value going back 1-2 generations of products. With that in mind, does anyone have any opinions about the original Revel Concerta line? Is it worth trying to track down a pair of M12s, or are they not really worth it compared to say a...
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    Revel C205 with JBL Studio 580s?

    I've been using JBL 580s as my main TV/movies/music speakers in 2.0 for a while and I really like them. I recently decided to transition to 3.1, so I bought a 520c when it went on sale. I'm still in the process of setting it up, but I'm not super thrilled with it so far. It seems like I need...
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    Most durable IEM?

    My wife has a knack for demolishing IEMs. I want to try to get her something that can survive being worn while she works out, while she sleeps, and also survive being occasionally stolen by a toddler and thrown down the stairs. Sound quality is less important than tank-like durability. Does...
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    Other Denon AVRs with Audyssey XT32

    I've been shopping around for an X3600H or X3700H on the strength of the review here. While wading through listings, it looks like these other Denon amps have XT32 and can use the adjustment app: AVR-X6300H AVR-X4300H AVR-X3300W Does anybody have any experience with any of these amps? In...
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    Using LG phone as streamer/DAC for speaker amp

    I've got an integrated amp that I'd like to set up to stream Tidal in a spare room. I came across the LG G7 review on here and it got me thinking. Is there any reason not to pick up an old G7/V30/etc on eBay and use it over WiFi only with a 3.5mm to RCA adapter plugged into my speaker amp...
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