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  1. SoundsGood2Me

    Amazon Basics 80 Watt Amplifier Teardown

  2. SoundsGood2Me

    Amazon Basics 80 Watt Class D Amp Review

    Amirm - I bought DCA AEons because of your test - Thank You
  3. SoundsGood2Me

    Understanding FFT in Audio Measurements

    Thank You Amirm! I've been reading John Atkinson's Stereophile tests for ~30 years now, and it, literally, took me 5 years to even begin to understand what he was talking about. Gradually, thru time, I could compare one graph from one amp, to the same graph from another, and began to...
  4. SoundsGood2Me

    ASR Getting Into Measuring Headphones!

    Thank You Amirm! I truly appreciate your unbiased 3rd party inspection, especially since you seem VERY Technically Adept. And your reporting skills are excellent, too - you're easier to understand than even John Atkinson. I bet there's headphone manufacturers out there that are going to have...
  5. SoundsGood2Me

    Chord Huei Phono Preamp Review

    Thanks Amirm! They better photosynthesize some better plankton.
  6. SoundsGood2Me

    NAD M33 Streaming Amplifier Review

    Thanks Amirm, You're doing Gods' Work.
  7. SoundsGood2Me

    Headphone Measurements Using Brüel & Kjær 5128 HATS

    Amirm I'm not going to pretend I understand the technology, but I for one greatly appreciate your search for The Best. It certainly calls out the manufacturers to do better!
  8. SoundsGood2Me

    Announcement: ASR Will Be Measuring Speakers!

    Good 4 U Amir! I hope You keep shaking things up!! SINAD IS KING, and we live in Good Times.
  9. SoundsGood2Me

    Cambridge Audio Solo Phono Preamplifier Review

    Damn, Amirm, you just blew my mind w/that Recovery Time chart! I forgot about analog.
  10. SoundsGood2Me

    Topping DX7 Pro DAC and Headphone Amp Reviewed

    Thanks for all the effort Amirm! Your graphs speak multitudes of Truth our ears can't even hear, yet once you've heard it you can't go back...
  11. SoundsGood2Me

    Review and Measurements of Schiit Mani Phono Stage

    Very Clever test! Unfortunately vinyl can't hold a candle to CDs. Sure it sounds "natural," but it's WAY lower resolution. I do admit it's amazing something invented in the 1880s is still relevant 130 years later, it was Good Technology for a long time.
  12. SoundsGood2Me

    Review and Measurements of Matrix Audio Element X DAC/Streamer/Amp

    PS - Amirm, I reread your review, and wanted to mention I'm diggin' the tests you have invented, especially the 32 tone IM sweep. That's true intermod, pushing the system to the limit. And I really appreciate that you try to replicate every test, most of the time. John Atkinson would be...
  13. SoundsGood2Me

    Review and Measurements of Matrix Audio Element X DAC/Streamer/Amp

    Thank You Amirm! I've been reading Stereophile since I was 12, and it took me 10+ years to figure out what all the graphs meant. Now they're the best part of the mag, to me. I work with RF, including "5G" (mostly just new bands, and some really clever add ons), and we measure Passive...
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