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    Amphion vs Genelec

    I’m looking to get a new set of mixing monitors and I’m stuck between Amphion One18 or Genelec 8340 (with GLM). There are nothing but good reviews and specs out there on the Genelecs! In conjunction with GLM it feels like they would be a really solid choice, compared to most speakers at that...
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    Using the ART Tube/Behringer MIC500USB as an outboard saturation tool?

    Would running sounds through this as an outboard tube saturation unit sound like trash? (i.e drums)
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    Does room treatment make a difference when mixing at a low volume?

    If I'm mixing at like 60dB or less, will the room have much impact on the sound?
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    Does the slightly larger tweeter on Genelec 8350 make much difference when playing quiet?

    Considering purchasing the Genelec 8340 with GLM. The 8350 is a few hundred more and has a slightly larger tweeter and a slightly bigger woofer. I intend to get the matching sub at some point, so I’m not too concerned about the low end, but does the larger tweeter make much of a difference when...
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    Idea room size for mixing/mastering?

    Building myself a studio in the garden but not too sure of the best dimensions/ratios to use... Anyone have any experience or advance you could give for sizing the studio?!
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    Excuse my novice-ness, but are these measurements 'good'?

    This is for the Tannoy Gold 8. Intended on getting some Genelecs, but from what I've read these seems to be pretty decent for the price! Anyone had any experience, and/or could tell me about these readings? Also, the crossover is at 1.5kHz which seems pretty low!
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    Genelec 8320 or 8330, with 7350 sub?

    Is it worth spending the extra £200 per monitor and getting the 8330 over the 8320? I'm matching with a sub, so will I gain much benefit from the 10hz (or so) extension from the 8330? I'm using these for mixing/mastering in a semi treated room. Or is worth getting two 8340 without a sub?
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    What room calibration software can I use on a mono speaker?

    I currently own Sonarworks but they only allow stereo... I own a Presonus Spectre, so I can't use Genelec or Neumann software. I want to try and calibrate a mono speaker for reference, but also make it as accurate as possible.
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    What separates a good subwoofer from a bad one, aside from frequency range?

    I'm shopping around for a sub and there is a huge range in price but not much on what the real difference is... I know Genelec have a special porting system and JBL have port stuff going on, but the rest seems pretty standard. And advice?
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    Any reviews on the PMC Result6?

    I’ve seen other PMC monitors have somewhat negative reviews, do anyone have any experience with the Result 6?
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    Why does a solo sound sound different when inverted?

    When soloing sounds and flipping phase, it sounds a little different, what's the reasoning for this? Should the phase be a 'correct' way for the punchiest sound?
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    How accurate are the iLoud MTMs for critical listening (mixing/mastering)?

    In comparison to a ‘cheaper’ pair of Genelecs or Neumanns
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    Verdict on iLoud MTM?

    I know there is a post already about this monitor, but it's a bit TLDR with all the comments... I believe they have a fair bit of distortion above a certain volume, but said from that, how do these speakers fair?
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