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  1. izeek

    Gonna try this one mo time

    After a really unpleasant experience with Apos, I bought a renewed d50s from Amazon ftfoi. How would I integrate it in? source>pre>dac>amps(pre has spdif out.>dac spdif in?) Actually, I plan on using the bt option mostly. Jbl SDP3 pre Audiosource Model 3 amps (2 vertically biamped)
  2. izeek

    power cables from amazon

    I ordered a power cable from Viborg on Amazon. What I received was the exact cable but from Audiocrast. As I screened through the choices I noticed that all the ads for different vendors all looked very much alike. Same cable pic showing the cable components. Sometimes they are different colors...
  3. izeek

    How to use speaker A+B at the same time.

    I have seen several kits where there were say a set of towers and a set of bookshelves or even another floorstander that looked like they were being used at the same time. I know looks are decieving. Are folks using 4 amps? I'm sure there are several possibilities. I've also read some using both...
  4. izeek

    need help with toppoing d50s

    I just got my spanking new Topping D50s. Looks cool. I got it all hooked up and....NOTHING. It turns on, the controls work, but absolutely no sound. Yes, I turned the volume up. I was really looking forward to using its bt connect. Nothing. My player plays but nothing comes out. I tried using...
  5. izeek

    piggy on springs under speakers from matthooper

    The thread concentrates on speaker isolation from floors. I'd like to throw my two cents in as several tips from fellow members have been truly helpful. First, I live in apt on the third floor. Let's be real. Those floors act like attenuators when I had my sub and speakers on the carpeted...
  6. izeek


    so i know this subject has been beaten to death. ftf of it i am trying bi-amp with 1 amp for bass and one for mid/hi. after hooking it all up, i now have a hum. probably a ground loop, maybe. dunno. the hum is from the amp for the woofers. comments pleeease.
  7. izeek

    is it safe to assume phone outputs clip

    im using a phone for source. if i turn the volume all they way up, wont there be some clipping and/ or distortion? im sure it has an amp of some sort.
  8. izeek

    cabling lay out help

    i probably have a few questions actually. how do i keep my cables from looking like octopii? can i zip-tie my speaker cables together? how much interference or noise will i really get if my speaker cables pass over the power cords of amps, preamps, sub cable? im having to use 6ft cables to...
  9. izeek

    a suggestion for apt and condo dwellers

    first, lets establish that im a music lover. i listen most of the day, at work, in my car and at home.loud at that. im into jungle, dnb, rap, hiphop, jazz, classic country, any variety of rock, some classical. and i dont know jack other than i like what i hear. ive done no measuring. no room...
  10. izeek

    power amps, home audio, and xlr-rca adapters

    i got a nice deal in a crown com-tech 810. it has xlr connects.(plan to use xlr-rca cables)i know this is not a true balanced connect. my preamp has line-level outs. here's where i am. crown 810 [email protected] jbl synthesis sdp3 pre jbl l890 towers l8400 sub input by phone or bt adapter. not into...
  11. izeek

    connector advice

    i bought a crown com-tec 210 power amp. no rca connectors. can i buy an rca cable, cut it to bare wire and connect my preamp to my crown without harm?
  12. izeek

    noob amp smelling

    im a noob. i have an audiosource model 3 amp, jbl sdp3 pre, jbl l890, l8400 sub. i also have a samsung hw700 7.2 receiver that i used for both music and movies but is now relegated to movies. i have a speaker switch so i can use 2 amps and one pair of speakers for the time being. im beginning to...
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