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  1. izeek

    Pics of mega-expensive equipment in horrible rooms

  2. izeek

    Audiophile seating [poll]

    I can hear the reflections off the back wall and the door. I put a towel up the other day which got rid off a little slap. I plan on doing some better room treatment there soon. And on the wall. I have a nice desk chair I tried but I could really hear the back and sides of it after...
  3. izeek

    Morrow SP3 Review (Speaker Cable)

    Rofl. I have a cheap set of "boutique" power cords. They don't do anything but provide power but they look good doing it.
  4. izeek

    Morrow SP3 Review (Speaker Cable)

    My point as well. Can we buy them because we like their aesthetics as well as their purpose. It doesn't matter to me if it doesn't actually contribute to anything other than MY personal enjoyment. I'm real sure those who buy cables for their sound ALSO enjoy their looks. I bought a pair of...
  5. izeek

    Gonna try this one mo time

    After a really unpleasant experience with Apos, I bought a renewed d50s from Amazon ftfoi. How would I integrate it in? source>pre>dac>amps(pre has spdif out.>dac spdif in?) Actually, I plan on using the bt option mostly. Jbl SDP3 pre Audiosource Model 3 amps (2 vertically biamped)
  6. izeek

    power cables from amazon

    Oh well. As you can see I actually can see them. THE only issue I had was the difficulty plugging these in as the cables are somewhat STIFF @ 17mm thick. I had to do some twisting to relieve any plug pressure on either end. Damn, they're cool looking, huh?:D
  7. izeek

    power cables from amazon
  8. izeek

    power cables from amazon
  9. izeek

    power cables from amazon
  10. izeek

    power cables from amazon

    Maybe not the greatest analogy but you walked by the point.
  11. izeek

    This has got to be a joke...Right?

    Um, no thanks. Unreal.
  12. izeek

    power cables from amazon

    I'm not trying to be an arse. I like this forum for the myriad ideas I get to try and because of SOMEWHAT like minds. Folks really need to loosen up. It ain't that serious.
  13. izeek

    power cables from amazon

    Jeeeez. Guys! I LIKE THEM. THAT'S THE POINT. The entire point. It does not matter to me whether I can see them everytime I look at my kit. It is fun for me just like the mags comment I made before. Taking the fun out of it in an effort to ground objectivity into what otherwise should be a FUN...
  14. izeek

    A huge topic of debate? EXPENSIVE SPEAKER STANDS!

    I have carpet as well. Might I suggest a hardwood board the size of the speaker footprint(maybe slightly wider for the stands for ) to start. Then experiment with spikes, feet, and/or antivibration pads. I found very good sound quality aspects for such. Tighter, more definitive mids and bass...
  15. izeek

    Expensive power filters, power cables

    Lol. Is that good or bad?
  16. izeek

    power cables from amazon

    I really love that passive-aggressive response, mate.
  17. izeek

    power cables from amazon

    Why is it such a bother to you? They're my cables I enjoy them. Whether you think I can see or not is irrelevant.
  18. izeek

    power cables from amazon

    Doesn't matter.
  19. izeek

    power cables from amazon

    I am enjoying my new cables. I LIKE the look. It was fun putting it.That was the purpose. It did nothing for performance other than replacing a cable that wouldn't keep a good connection. It wasn't supposed to. If you like plain vanilla help yourself. :cool: Loosen up, peeples. Makes sense. So...
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