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  1. Sancus

    Erin's Audio Corner gets a Klippel NFS!

    I liked Stepped 3dB. But I will say the readability of these charts is improved in general by using more colors to depict a smaller SPL range. The original uses some shade of red for all SPLs from 96 -> 84, whereas the Stepped charts bring in yellow at a higher value, so there are fewer values...
  2. Sancus

    SVS SB-2000 Pro vs SB-3000 Subwoofer Review

    The 3000 Micro has less driver area than the SB-2000 Pro and a much smaller enclosure so the same power means less output. How much less is hard to say without measurements, and nobody has measured it yet afaik.
  3. Sancus

    (Informal) Chat with Dr. Earl Geddes of GedLee Audio

    I think this would require a downsloping test signal tbh, even 102dB seems like it might be pushing it. No tweeter will ever play that loud because almost all the SPL in real content is from 20-1000hz. As @amirm states, there is probably a high risk of killing tweeters with 105dB sweeps even on...
  4. Sancus

    (Informal) Chat with Dr. Earl Geddes of GedLee Audio

    Erin does 102dB on the instantaneous linearity test, and yes, the 305p(review) won't even play that loud, the limiter kicks in. As you can see in the graph. Personally I think this is adequate. I don't think 105dB makes any sense in the long term compression tests, even 96dB RMS is...
  5. Sancus

    JBL 305P MkII Review (Erin)

    I'm a bit confused by this line. Which 1.5m red measurement is this paragraph referring to? There isn't one in the graph above it. Great review though, love the compression tests and hope to see them continue! I think it's interesting that this speaker shows so little compression, and I wonder...
  6. Sancus

    Subwoofer Comparison

    OK, but this leaves out the actual hard part which is the optimization of each step. Doing it manually isn't going to produce the best result. Apparently Geddes advised this in some of his earliest posts, but then later said you need a computer program to do it and started joking about the...
  7. Sancus

    Subwoofer Comparison

    Well when I said 'bass management system' I was referring to automated systems eg Audyssey, Trinnov Optimizer, Dirac Bass Control, etc. I'm not super familiar with the Geddes approach, I've only read a couple of short papers from him. What I read indicated that it would be unsuitable for...
  8. Sancus

    mini/micro subwoofer thread

    Ya you're right, the majority of the difference is between testing done in free space or half space and real-world quarter or eighth space, but whatever you want to call it you usually get about 8-12dB more than CEA2010 in the real world. Kef looks to be assuming maybe 12-15dB which is certainly...
  9. Sancus

    mini/micro subwoofer thread

    You misunderstand, it was just an example. Any good 12" sealed sub will have similar performance, within a few db. Rythmik F12, SVS SB-2000 Pro, etc. "Making things rattle" isn't a metric for performance lol. The Kef doesn't even get to 100dB at 30hz WITH Kef's(generous, most likely) assumptions...
  10. Sancus

    mini/micro subwoofer thread

    Well the key part is what output you can expect at those frequencies. The best info we have so far until someone completes a CEA2010 is this chart @napilopez linked from their white paper. I'll note it doesn't seem to say anywhere whether those measurements are 2m RMS or 1m Peak or what... but...
  11. Sancus

    Subwoofer Comparison

    You didn't actually link to any graphs, so I assume you're talking about the generic sweep vs distortion. Of course, that is not useful because the JTR compresses less than the Funk Audio does, which means none of those numbers are comparable. That is why we have CEA2010, which is a much better...
  12. Sancus

    Subwoofer Comparison

    Please explain/justify your statements that either is inferior or has more distortion. The numbers indicate the opposite. The JTR has substantially better performance. Output above 40Hz is irrelevant, it's already so high it won't ever matter, especially if you are correctly using multiple...
  13. Sancus

    Subwoofer Comparison

    It seems very odd to me to accuse a sealed box of being a 'copy' when all the relevant attributes are different? The drivers are different and the plate amps are clearly very different as well. Funk Audio states that their current 18.0E(which is an update of the 18.0SE) is similar in output to...
  14. Sancus

    Genelec 8351B Teardown (2nd Disassembled)

    You need room for the isopods if you're using a regular stand, yeah, but there's plenty of stands that would allow bolting them on(which is safer and more stable if you ask me). They have a 3/8"(microphone) screw in the bottom and also M6 screw holes on the back. See various 8351Bs here. And...
  15. Sancus

    What is Wrong with Centre Channels

    Of course they do. This leads to the obvious conclusion that stereo is significantly flawed inherently and you need multichannel for proper audio reproduction which is 100% true. People who think stereo is as good as it gets have literally missed the entire plot of audio reproduction. It's a...
  16. Sancus

    Best 2 or 3 Center channel speaker for home T, BW HTM1 D3 opinions.

    No, it's trying to calibrate your speakers so 0dB on the volume setting = 85dB SPL reference with pink noise. The relative levels don't matter.
  17. Sancus

    Revel F328Be Speaker Review

    I don't see the relevance? My post was literally in response to a discussion about crossing them with subs. Random out of context generalities don't apply...
  18. Sancus

    Denon "Fixes" HDMI 2.1 Issue

    what in the world hahahaha
  19. Sancus

    What is Wrong with Centre Channels

    SVS Prime and Ultra centers both seem to be 3-way so they'd probably be fine. Toole talks about this in his book in section 7.1, but the stereo phantom center is significantly compromised. Comb filtering causes an audible null at ~2khz, among other things. It's too long to quote big sections...
  20. Sancus

    Is REL being more 'musical' than SVS a myth, or is there some real science behind this?

    The smallest SVS is the 3000 Micro at 11.7” (W) X 10.9” (H) X 10.7” (D). E: Also, see Kef KC62 etc. No, doesn't really matter, what matters is that the crossover is done properly and the combined response is EQed.
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